January or February 2019 Memory Maker Share

Looking for or happy to lead a share group for January 2019. My dates in the parks are Jan 19 & 20.

We will be there the same time. I would love to share! I’ve never done this before so it might be easier if you took the lead.

Hi! So sorry but I was able to get a group together in the Facebook group. Hopefully some other people chime in!

I’m going the second week of February… anyone wanna start a new share??

I’m going Feb 5-7…does that fit in your time frame??

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We’ll be there Feb. 25-28 if that fits in your timeframe.

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I’m going 2/16-2/19. I’d love to share but don’t know how.

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I have been a share once but I wasnt the leader of the group. If anyone wants to set it up I am happy to join!! I think the last time everyone just paid the person through pay pal.

I am interested in joining in a MM share for Jan 9-15. Are there any open slots? I have been part of several groups but have never been the lead. Thanks all : )

Im still looking to join a group for february 11-16 !!

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I’ll be there Jan 26-28 anyone interested in sharing?

I am going February 17-21 and am interested in sharing memory maker.

I might be interested…we are going 1/27-2/1

Those dates work with me, I am going 10-15, but I have never set it up before

I wouldn’t know how to setup either. Maybe someone on here can inform us.

Is there room in your group still for the MM in January?

I am hoping we can get a few more joiners!!

I am a few weeks behind you, I am going the 10-15 of february

Are you you still looking for someone to share Memory Maker? We will be in Disney from February 5th to 9th?

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We’ll be there February 2-7. I’d love to join a group!