January or February 2019 Memory Maker Share


I’m going January 21-26…not sure how it works but would love to join your share group if you have one!


I sent you an email!


Any room left on a January share? We are going Jan 24 through Feb 2. Never done this but would love to give it a go!


I would like to join. We are there from 2/15 - 2/18


Any room left? I’m going from 2/2-2/9.


We will be in the parks Jan 25-30. can someone educate my on this works?


I would love to join a group. My dates are january 30th thru February 12. If there isn’t a group available to join already, I would be willing to lead a group if there’s still enough people interested this late in the game. :slight_smile:


We are going Feb 6-10 and I’d love to do a MM share. I’ve never done it before, but if someone wants to lead and send me directions, I’m in!


I am interested in sharing memory maker. I have never organized and ran a group so hoping someone else could take the lead. WE are going Feb. 17-21. It looks like there is a lot of interest for our time frame. Anyone want to organize?


I am interested!!!


I would be interested as well! I have been part of one share group but am not feeling ready to lead yet. My dates are 2/21-2/26.


I have actually already found a group. I would suggest joining the Memory Maker Share Group that’s on Facebook. There’s quite a few people looking to share.


I’m going Feb 2nd-9th, I’ve never done sharing before. Is there any space still open??


I would like to join if any MM share is open. Dates 2/1 - 2/4.