It's the end of the world as we know it, so might as well go to WDW!

Here’s my Dec plan:
1st-half day Epcot
2nd- HS
3rd- Epcot
4th- MK

I know! Stinks that we’re just missing all of you guys!

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That’s crazy. Only difference is I have HS at the end (12/6) instead of the beginning. Assuming you saw the extra hour added to MK and AK those days. Any effect on your plans?

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Well I guess I was just a couple weeks early!

I havent looked at any time changes yet. I plan on revisiting everything tomorrow. I dont know that I can really change too much though. I dont want to be at Epcot on Fri or Sat. and I want 2 days there. Could change HS and MK but thats about it. Our last day, AK, have be on road to airport around 4:30.

Is it Liners’ week?
our plan:
12/1 - MK
12/2 - HS
12/3 - AK
12/4 - EP

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The extra hour for AK changed our plans. We wanted to see the park at night, but because it closed at 6, we had a reservation at Raglan Rd at 8:00.

With the park closing at 7, and the fact if is a Friday night, we moved our Raglan Rd reservation to Monday. Since this means a full long day at AK, we changed our final day from AK to HS instead.

So it looks like a TON of us will be in HS on 12/2…
We need to get @Len in on this and make it a true liner meet! :rofl:

Also a decent amount in MK on 12/4.

Well, it is a popular week for DVC people and those in the know. Since most liners fall into one or both of those categories, it makes sense. We picked this week before Covid happened, it’s our favorite time to go.


I will also be in MK on 12/4.


Sometimes if feels it would be more efficient if you told us when you WON’T be there! :slight_smile:

Do you know which days in which parks yet?

Other than that! :slight_smile:


Lol, guess I should not say anything about Jan or Feb…:grimacing:

I looked at all your days and we don’t match up on any except 12/9 which I realize now is my departure day. American again changed my flight from 7:15 to Philly to 5:24pm, also DW is working from the resort so i will be going back to join her for lunch. A long way to say it will be a short park day for me, but we can see what happens.

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Okay. It will be a short park day for me that day, as well. Our flight leaves at 5:00, so we plan to leave the park around 1:00. Basically, 3 hours at HS that day, then back to the Boardwalk to catch DME.

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I’m not saying no to a very socially distant, outdoor meet-up, with masks and appropriate precautions!


4hours from now I’ll be in Orlando :grinning: Time for an escape from this craziness into a mask required bubble :joy:

We are meeting up with my brother and family for one day at Magic Kingdom before I go home. I’m like it’s masks on! They are coming from Texas. I had originally planned a lunch at indoor dining GF cafe; but with this spike in cases and them coming from a state with high case numbers - I’m like that won’t work - so we are going to GF Gaspsrilla Island Grill instead. Can eat outdoors and have some separation when masks are off. I’m not that concerned with hanging out together masked, and they are taking precautions, but you never know when someone might be presymptomatic.


We arrive on the 9th and have HS as our park day that day

I can’t be the only one that totally green with envy at the epic liner meet-up that’s about to happen?


No, you’re not. I’ve met two liners so far; two different trips. Lots more would be so awesome!

Serious pre trip jitters here!
However, I did manage to score SW BG A 37!

Now I am going to try to preboard bc of DS’ Convaid. (It’s legally a wheelchair, transit ready and everything, but looks like a cross between a stroller and a wheelchair.) But just in case there’s any trouble, having an A boarding group makes me feel better. Also I am a little worked about it getting damaged by the airline… Insurance paid almost $4k for this custom made chair and it would be a real pain to replace/repair.

Bags are 98% packed, just have to add a few cooler weather clothes and the rain cover for the chair that I forgot to get and am now waiting for Prime Now to deliver. :roll_eyes:

Still have to clean the cat litter, run to the drugstore, and order groceries for my 22 & 17 year olds who are not coming with us.

DS5 has been keeping track of the days since about 100 days out. Numbers are his jam. Today he woke up and just kept screaming “ONE!” Over and over, lol. Think he’s excited? :grin:


Safe travels! Love DSs enthusiasm! Wondering if tomorrow will be zero or if he will come up with a different term! :grin:

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Love his enthusiasm!

Hope all goes well with the Convaid.