It's the end of the world as we know it, so might as well go to WDW!

Just starting this thread now so it will be set up when I actually start my trip.

Who: Me, Disney junkie and computer addict extraordinare,

Husband, who loves Disney but doesn’t understand the need to be on social media taking about it 24/7,

DS, age 5. Only his second trip and he is already a fanatic.

What: For reference, this trip report will talk a lot about DAS, navigating WDW with a wheelchair, and doing WDW with disabilities in the new Covid world. This is our first trip since we received the Convaid Cruiser chair. It’s transport ready, so he doesn’t have to transfer on the buses anymore!! :partying_face:

Where: Well… We’re supposed to be at AKL, but stupid Covid ruined that. After much back and forth with Disney and UT, we were moved to CR TPV room! Hubs is mad, he hates the CR, but I figure it’s a once in a lifetime thing so I’m gonna make the best of it! We requested a king bed room to have more room for the wheelchair :crossed_fingers: we get it!

When: 11/28-12/5

Why: This will probably be the last trip for a couple of years because our 100 year old house needs it’s 40 year old boiler and central air unit replaced. Big bucks, so no big vacay’s for a few years. Kinda sucks that it will be a reduced experience, but what can you do?

How: We’re flying to MCO from Philly via SW. Same on the return. First time on SW!

Ok that’s all I have for now. If there’s something you want to know, ask me here so I’ll remember when we’re in the parks!!


We have the same dates and flying southwest! Maybe we will meet in passing. :grin:

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As of right now we arrive in MCO a little after noon… But with all the changes, who knows?

We arrive around 8 pm. We were originally flying Sunday but SWA messed with my flights so we changed to Saturday for a direct flight, and extra full park day!

I am trying to keep track of who will be in the world while we are…which parks for which days. I am adding it to my spreadsheet so I know who to be on the lookout for in case a liner photo op presents itself.

MK Dec 1
HS Dec 2 - @drvillarejos
EP Dec 3 - @drvillarejos, @Tall_Paul1
AK Dec 4
Resort day Dec 5

Let me know if there will be any overlap!

ETA:. I will also be there the following days after your days…

HS Dec 6
EP Dec 7
MK Dec 8
HS Dec 9


Dec 3 is correct, also overlap Dec 6 in HS (my other days are Dec 4 MK and Dec 5 AK).

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Ah. Good. I will make note of it!

ETA:. Nevermind. I already had noted it! Just missed it when I was putting in the dates above!

Me too! Lol great TP minds must think alike :joy:

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I will also be there 11/29-12/10

We will be in HS 12/2. I will try to wear my liner shirt that day. And MK 12/4.

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We arrive 12/9! Probably too late to meet y’all. Should get in around 7:30 pm.

Yeah. That’s about the time we’ll be landing in Detroit Metro Airport.


I’m still trying to commit to park days lol. Right now it’s looking like this:

11/29 DHS
11/30 AK
12/1 DHS
12/2 MK
12/3 Epcot
12/4 MK
12/5 brunch at Homecomin’ then MCO :disappointed_relieved:

I would love to meet others while there!!

So, here’s our APR’s for the trip, so if people want to see if we line up. (Get it? Haha I’ll show myself out now that joke was laaaame.)

11/28 No APR, but we’ll be at Disney Springs
11/29 AK
11/30 MK
12/1 Resort day
12/2 HS
12/3 Resort Day, maybe Winter Summerland or Splitsville
12/4 MK


We’ll be in MK 12/4!

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We might be AK on 11/29! If we don’t get a BG that morning we will be at AK that day :grin:

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Darn! I was hoping we’d have some overlap!

We’ll probably be in Epcot on 12/3! I’m playing things by ear based on BG

HS on 2nd and MK on 4th as well!