Its finally here!

Heading to the airport in less than 12 hours!! I’ll try to check in and send some pics! By this time tomorrow I’ll be in my hotel room after cruising around epcot!!


Have all the fun and share it with us!!

Safe travels!

Safe travels ! Enjoy!

Hope you have a fabulous trip! I’m already missing it and I’ve only been home two days. Please post pics!


Even though my flight isn’t until 7am DD6’s excitement woke her up at 2:30 am. At the airport by 5:15, we were the only people at security. Getting ready to board now!


Safe travels today!

I guess the 2:30 excitement wake up caught up to her! Tinkerbell and Ariel also had a great flight. We got to experience One of Jet Blues new planes, with Bluetooth pairing for the screens. Very nice for those who don’t want to touch extra things. Each passenger was also given a “snack” bag with a water and some cookies and another snack. Wipes were available when needed.


Our day had started out great and ended not so great. After getting the ME to POP, we had a little lunch then took the skyliner to Epcot

I promised DD we would do Soarin first so we headed there. It was a 50 minute wait but the line moved quickly and it ended up only being about 40

Oh I forgot on the way we saw the calvalcade

After that we did LWTL and the earth movie thing that I can’t remember the name of right now.

DD wanted to try test track (first timer) so we hoofed it over there. By the time we got to the entrance it was closed due to lightning being in the area. A bummer but decided to head to spaceship Earth instead after doing that, TT was open so we headed there and it posted 40 minute wait. I figured that would be just in time to get us to Our via Napoli dinner reservation. Of course in line they decided to do the cleaning so we just barely made it out of there on time… Got to via Napoli about 525 and we’re seated immediately. It was just in time for the a rain storm. Ate some pizza and calamari, and since it still looks like storms were in the area we figured the skyline was closed but since it wasn’t raining and we were halfway around The world showcase we decided to walk to it to check. It was indeed closed and we were directed to go to the boardwalk where there would be a bus direct direct to Pop Century. this is where things went sour. There was never a bus to go to Pop Century Or any of the other skyline or resorts. There was about 10 families that were basically stranded at the bus stop and were told that we either had to take a bus back to Epcot main entrance and then a bus to Pop or go to Disney Springs then take a bus to POP. every single one of these people was told That there would be a bus to Pop from the boardwalk. Needless to say we were all fuming. It took us over an hour to catch a bus to Epcot and then get back to Pop Century. And the bus we took was leaking …
But we made it back finally and now are resting comfortably while it pours outside.
Tomorrow will be a better day, we will tackle AK in the morning, have lunch and then do some pool time after. Wish me luck as DD attempts to conquer Everest!


That’s too bad! They definitely need to figure out these skyliner issues. But everything up to that point seemed awesome!


They gotta work out this no-Skyliner-in-the-rain crud.


Great pics! They are really screwing up the Skyliner situation.


This morning we were out to the AK bus around 8:15. I’m glad I missed the “rope drop” crows as we definitely needed the extra rest (and we were the only ones in line for the bus!). We arrived and got through security quickly. We decided to stop for a few pics while it was quiet

DD loves KRR so we headed there first. The ride was walk on so when we went through we asked if we could stay in the raft and ride again. No problem! We got a little splashed, but not soaked. It was refreshing. We walked a little on the discovery trails and I picked up a wilderness explorer book. DD was enjoying the stops- we’ve never done it before.

I convinced her to ride Everest now that she’s tall enough. She was scared but agreed. Afterwards I was told “ That is a once in a lifetime ride for me!!!”
Pretty hilarious words. Hoping next year she’ll try again. Next we went to dinosaur

That was also walk on.
After getting a few more badges we had enough time to do Navi River before our lunch reservation. The line was posted 45 mins but took only about 30.
Since DD6 went on EE and Dinosaur back to back, I obliged when she said Didn’t want to try FOP. It was fine by me, since it’s not one of my favorites. (Maybe in January she will try it…)
Lunch was at rainforest Cafe. I’ve never been there and she loved the atmosphere! We were seated very socially distant which was nice. I got a burger and it was just fine- also got a smoothie that was delicious. DD had pasta and ate it all. We were too full for dessert so we decided to head to the hotel and swim.
My only few drawbacks were that at certain places there needs to be more cast members enforcing masks. The whole time in line for Navi there was a family who’s mom had hers down the whole time. She’d put it up for a second when she saw a cast member then pull it down again. Also the big signs for the busses/ numbers wasn’t there anymore. There were small sighs directing you which way to go for a list of resorts but then you had to search for your resort/ bus down the line. It confused me a bit, but I realize they had to make accommodations for Covid stuff so I guess it’s no big deal for now.
Now we’re relaxing in the hotel room until our Chef Arts reservation later. Wish us luck for a BG at HS tomorrow—- I need to figure out the time to get to the skyliner (HeLP!) !


I remember similar words from our son many years ago after the first ride on Big Thunder Mtn RR. He’s a roller coaster fanatic now. Hope is justified

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Great magic shots! Good for her for trying. I couldn’t get my 12yo on it when we went. They want to try when we go in April though.

Good luck tomorrow!

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Just one more addition for tonight: Chef Art’s Homecoming was delicious! It’s definitely going on my “every time I’m here” list.


Great trip so far! I forgot how old your daughter is. My DD17 rode EE on our first trip to WDW in 2012. She was 9 and it was one and done. Now she can’t get enough! We rode four times last weekend.

I know what you mean about the masks. Most people are doing a great job. Which is what makes those few who don’t so annoying. I get it that it’s not fun to wear a mask in that heat for that many hours. But it’s the price we pay to be there! I felt that the weekend was when we saw the most people being a little non-compliant. It made me wonder if it was locals. I think people who invest in a trip from farther away might be more likely to do the research and be prepared for the inconvenience of the masks. The locals might not even realize until they get there that it is indeed required and enforced. On our weekdays in the park it was much better.


Is that like honey butter chicken biscuits or something?! Must be dinner time cause my mouth is watering!

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Yes fried chicken thighs with drizzled honey and butter pickles on biscuits. It was an appetizer but plenty for me for a meal. Heaven.


At the end of July, we had gotten in line for the Skyliner around 8:30 one day and around 8:45 the other day, both got us a spot to wait that was shaded by one of the POP buildings and got us to HS in plenty of time before the 10 am open…but that was before CBR opened up so there will likely be a longer line when you transfer at CBR now. Good luck with your boarding group acquisition!

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