ISO Memory Maker Share June 2018

We’ll be at WDW from June 1 to 3, 2018. Last time we visited, we participated in a Memory Maker share and it was fantastic! I would love to join one again for this trip. If anyone has a group with room to join, please let me know!

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Kind of interested myself for dates Aug 15 to Aug 27. Not sure how this works but may be willing to go in on purchase. Need more explaination though before joining.

I do not have a group, but I am interested in joining one. We will be at WDW 5/22-26.

We will be there 6/3-6/8. Not sure how sharing works but would be interested in anything to save on some expenses!

My dates are 6/30 - 7/4 and I would be interested in joining. From what I’ve read, less overlap in dates makes it easier to sort thru photos, and it’s best to keep first day and last day in park to around 30 days to allow time for editing and mass download. I am hesitant to lead since I’ve never done MM Share before but I could try if no else wants to. Also, I would prefer group of 4-6 people.

I’d like to participate in such a share during this time frame. May 30 to June 6th visit for us.

@CallieA @Crasstastic and @m12e31g Our dates seem to align. Do you all want to start a group?

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That sounds great. Another poster, EarlyDisney, indicted that she would also like to join a MM share. Hopefully she’s monitoring this thread, and can respond.

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EarlyDisney reached out to me about a group she is planning to run. I would contact her for sure!

If her group doesn’t get off the ground, I would definitely be interested in joining another group, though. :slight_smile:

I’ve advised EarlyDisney tthat you’re interested in a share, Nahjah.

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Thank you!

I haven’t heard back in several days from EarlyDisney. Maybe nothing, but perhaps we should push ahead, along with CallieA?

I also haven’t heard from EarlyDisney. Who do we have that would be interested - @nahjah07, @Crasstastic, @m12e31g? Anyone else? :slight_smile:

I’m happy to join in any group as long as they are familiar with the process. Really want the pictures but hard to justify the cost on my own.

What are your dates?

I’m there 6/3-6/8

I haven’t heard anything either.

That lines up perfectly with our dates. (Edit) sorry, didn’t see that you’d already posted your dates.

So who wants to lead the share?

Does anyone else have experience leading a share? I’ve participated in one once - but haven’t led one.