Is TT worth it?

Is it worth paying for 8 people to do the FEA Dessert Party so that we can FPP TT? Thanks!

not in my opinion. That is a LOT of money. It does basically give you a FPP for illuminations and FEA so you can use your FPP for TT, but you might be able to get a SD FPP for TT. What is the CL when you are going - is the stand-by line predicted to be unmanageable?

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I really loved the FEA dessert party, but I’m not sure I would do it just to get FPP for TT. It would be expensive for 8 people. Without the FEA dessert party, we usually get a FPP for FEA and then RD Soarin’ followed by TT (I think you could do it the other way around too although we seem to have bad luck and TT seems to not be running at RD when we are there). You could also do single rider for TT. And we have been able to get same day FPP for TT (even with 7 people a few weeks ago). So there are options I feel for TT. Now I did love the FEA dessert party–great location for Illuminations (and you are sitting), decent desserts and a few savory options and a fabulous ride on FEA after the park closes.

Don’t do the dessert party just for the FP.

Test track has same day drops. Usually 11:37 and 1:37. So try to get your FP used by then and grab it as a 4th

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No, not worth it. We got TT as an extra FP both days we went to Epcot.

It would be a big no from me. But I need to temper this with two things: (a) I am philosophically against paying extra for any desert parties, and if I did pay for one EP would be my last choice as Illuminations is relatively easy to see from many locations; (b) TT is just not very high on my “must do” list at WDW; If I can do it with a relatively short SRL I will, but otherwise, if I miss it completely it’s no big deal.

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I’m definitely leaning against not doing it. Assuming I don’t, would you then go for TT or Illuminations as a 4th FPP? I personally have limited interest in TT, but I’m not planning for just me. And, honestly, I’ve never been on it, so I may love it. It’s a first trip for everyone and I’m just trying to cover everything!!

Try for TT as a fourth. Illuminations can be seen from many places.

Test Track is my favorite ride and I might get FPP for both of our Epcot days. However, I was able to get extra FPP for TT the day we were there, so I might try to get one day of TT FPP, one day of FEA and then get same day FPP for TT.

I would try your 4th for TT - there are a lot of places to watch illuminations, and depending on when you go there is always the chance you could get it as a 5th day of. With it being a tier 1, I don’t know how many people want to limit themselves to no day of fpp by booking this since it is the last thing of the day

I just looked for today and it says the distribution is done for both of them. We are going on 8/20 which is CL 6.

They drop more on the day as someone said earlier - 11.37 and 1.37 - for TT. There’s no point getting one for Illuminations.

It is decided. We will skip the party and see if we can get the 4th FPP for TT. Unless my mom says she wants to pay for the party…

I’ve gotten a day of FP for TT and Soarin several times. I wouldn’t pay for the dessert party to ride TT.

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Oh, I would absolutely do it if someone agreed to pay for it.


What time do they usually open these up on the app… when can I nab them?

That’s the times that they become available.

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I honestly never checked at those times and got 4th or 5th FPs for TT. All you have to do is find one FP for each member of your party at any time of day available in the app. Then modify, modify, modify to a better time. You may have to split your party up and overlap times a little bit. We had a party of 5 and had no problems. I think it would take me less then 10-15 minutes to get what I needed.

Are there other times that they open more FPP for other rides? Would love to grab some in other parks also.

Getting additional fastpasses and modifying works in every park. Some attractions, like 7dmt and FOP are much more difficult than others.

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