Is this the solution to all my problems?

I like the white ones but they stop at size 3 :rage:. I would need 4.5 which is a women’s 6.5.

ETA: I guess they are using Disney’s definition of child, since both my teens wore the kids sizes up to youth 6.5.

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Cruelty comes so easily to you.


They ship to the UK. I found an acceptable style / colour that was priced at 70% off. So I bought it in two sizes and they’re on their way. I’ll report back.

You people are lucky to have me. Once again I do all the work. (I did the Tomorrowland Terrace HEA dessert party so I could compare with Plaza Gardens and feed back.)


You’re the BEST!

I really am.



I hear the voice of Keith Silverstein, English dub for Hisoka’s character (Hunter Hunter)… every time I read a post from you. :woman_shrugging: cartoon violence… don’t watch if you are opposed :wink:
(382) Hisoka’s First Appearance [English Dub] - YouTube


That is exactly what I sound like.

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:smirk: I knew it !!

One more thing to report. The Native website has the correct youth sizes (up to youth 6) so I could order from them to try them out, they just wouldn’t have the Disney design. I will report back if I end up ordering a pair of them instead of a new pair of crocs this summer.

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I think they’re really super cute, but I personally can see the top area and the heel rubbing for my foot. Also, I have wide feet. Best stick to my crocs!

Probably depends how they fit you. I personally have worn cheap flip-flops (or thongs if you prefer to say that’s what I was wearing :rofl:) around the parks all day for about 30,000 steps. Not a big day by @Randall1028 standards, but pretty far for me.


Can you wear boys sizes? I’m a size 6 in Men’a shoes which is in the boys section so I can get away with wearing kids shoes. It’s much cheaper for sneakers too


hmmm, I’ve not tried :thinking: I know I’ve worn men’s shoes in the past

These are my go-to type of comfortable park shoes. I just can’t stand wearing socks when it’s hot out.


Don’t confuse me with new options. Let me at least discover that I burned $50 on shoes that aren’t at all right first.


If you’re confused after you receive your Natives, then we have a problem! :wink:

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I can’t wear flip-flops for more than about 30 steps. They are agonisingly painful. And useless if it’s wet.


I can wear em all day and think they are the most comfortable thing for theme parks in the summer. But I live where it’s hot year round and I have developed very thick skin between my toes from wearing them my whole life 90% of the time. I can wear them to work too even when I actually went to an office cuz I’m not customer facing.

I dunno, 30k is pretty formidable. My best has only ever been like 46k. I average 20 a day when at Disney(I think, I’d have to look)

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