Is this the solution to all my problems?

Disney has collaborated with shoe brand Native to create these:

I’m not familiar with this brand. Apparently they’re similar to Crocs.

Could they be an all-day park shoe? Could they be an all-weather park shoe?

I did try Crocs at WDW but I found them not an all-day shoe and useless when it was raining as your foot slides around in the shoe.


Buy a pair, go to Disney, report back.


I read this with the same tone as “grow a pair.” :joy:

I’m sure poor @mousematt would love nothing more than to go to Disney to try these shoes out. Maybe you can try them at your local theme park if it is open?


I’d love to hear a real review on them. They look cute but not comfortable. Also are they only in kid sizes?

No, adult sizes too!


That plan is flawed in two ways.

First, the UK is still in lockdown and I can’t even leave my home town, let alone go to a theme park, which would be shut.

Second, Native are not sold in the UK.

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I don’t like Native shoes. I find them uncomfortable and they make my feet sweat. My daughter, however, lives in them. She would wear them in the winter if I would let her.

I’m intrigued …

They look like croc type material and construction. I know nurses use crocs all day but I don’t like them. I bought a pair on clearance to try and they are not for me. Synthetic materials are usually hot causing more sweat. These look plasticy like crocs

My oldest (14) wore them as his primary shoe for our Universal trip in June.

I can see the appeal - croc material (so totally fine getting wet), but a tighter fit so you’re not slipping and sliding within the shoe.


That was my thought. Plus, Disney design.


It looks like you would wear without socks? Did he have issues with rubbing and blisters or were they pretty well broken in?

I like the kid prints better. Always the way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well…, there’s this ( since they are going on sale at Shop Disney first)

Interesting. I saw the 30% off for APs in the parks, but didn’t realize they were doing 25% off for ShopDisney. I wonder what I should buy! :wink:

And the thread title. I so wanted to makes a joke that is probably in bad taste. Must…resist…

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Yes 30% off on property :two_hearts: for AP and DVC

Yes, wore without socks. No issues, but given the material I don’t think you can really “break them in” - so if there’s rubbing spots, I doubt it would ever get better.

I can wear kids sizes. :thinking: going to check them out!

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all right! waiting for a report :wink:

I do too, but I do like the black with Mickey’s on it.

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