Is the hotel canary extension not working for anyone else?

The last few days it has just said “cannot locate hotel information” for every priceline express deal I try.

Welcome to the forum! I am going to tag the expert @JJT.

I do know that someone posted on chat today that CSR was available for $139 a night this weekend?

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Happening to me as well. Pretty sure the extension is no longer maintained so it may have finally gone kaput.

Several reports of HC having issues last week, but kept working for me. Then yesterday I started getting the message, followed by this morning it was back working,

I think Priceline is making multiple changes to their site that is causing HC to have trouble.

Can always use my charts to compare ratings etc manually:

And also try my amenity finder spreadsheet to see the possible resort matches:


BTW, as of last week, these were all the PE deals I saw out there for October:

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Thanks! Tried again just now and still not working but will use your guide as I get closer to my trip in December and see if anything pops up (I never underestimate the power of disney magic)

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