Is the Disney Express between parks back? ๐Ÿ‘

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I am crossing my fingers very tight!!!

I cannot find anything about it on the US site. :sob:

What is the US site?

It said at the bottom of the link England and Ireland

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awww. Good catch. Interesting and boo. Maybe that is the one the forgot to take down.

I am calling tomorrow to find out for sure. We really want it to come back.

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This was a test run last year (or maybe even longer ago). It was not on offer last week.

I think thatโ€™s the old page that hasnโ€™t been removed. I tried emailing them, but it wouldnโ€™t accept my U.K. phone number so I gave up!

yes. I think page is up by mistake. Sad. :disappointed_relieved: Bring it back!

For some reason when I Google Disney World, it is pulling up the international side instead of US. That keeps happening. :thinking:

You can change it. On the home page, at the top towards the RHS, in blue youโ€™ll see โ€œUnited States (English)โ€ in blue.

Click on that, and you can change it to โ€œUK and Ireland (English)โ€. I switch between the two all the time!

Thank you!

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Wait, there arenโ€™t buses between parks? I am planning to park hop with a hotel break one day this summer. How do I get from MK to AK?

There are buses between the parks.

Ther used to be an express bus which took you right into the park via a backdrop entrance. It was a paid-for perk which wasnโ€™t used enough and so was cancelled.

There used to an Express Bus that picked inside and then behind the scenes a little in the park (not at the bus stops where resort, Disney Springs, and park buses are). The Express used to have a daily or a weekly one time fee. It kept you from walking all the way back out and waiting on a bus/monorail and going back through security at next park. I have heard it was a good deal and big time saver in my opinion, but they discontinued it. It was also on a set schedule instead of waiting in a line and not knowing when buses would arrive. Now there are bus arrival estimates on My Disney Experience, but that rolled out since my last visit so I have not tried it yet.

So there are direct busses that take you to another park? I thought that I had read that they didnโ€™t go directly to another park and you would have to take a bus to a resort and then catch another bus to the park you were going. I had planned to use Lyft to avoid this, but if there are direct busses, I will happily use them instead!

Yes, there are park to park buses. They have been around a few years now.


I donโ€™t think they marketed it well. I had a friend who was staying on-site at GF while the express buses were running and he didnโ€™t hear anything about it. You would think GF guests would be prime targets for a premium service like the express buses.


I loved it so much. I thought it was worth every penny. I wish they hadnโ€™t gotten rid of it.