Is rope dropping 7DMT a waste of time?

I didn’t get FPP for 7DMT and it is chewing me up.
I do have a BOG breakfast for late in my trip, but our first day is MK and a party day at that. If we were at the tapstiles at 7:00-7:15AM and queued for Rope Drop are we still so far behind the masses that ate at BOG that a rope drop strategy is too much of a time sucker for that first hour of touring?

I’m looking at 11/12.

If we could ride 7DMT that first MK day, I would cancel BOG for later in the week and maybe even cancel our second MK day… (make it a second DHS day).

Even if every single person who had a BOG breakfast got in line ahead of the RD crowd, I don’t think it would have a huge impact on the wait time. The coaster handles around 1600 riders per hour. So even 200 people (not sure how many can be served at BOG) translates to about 7 1/2 minutes wait.

Personally, however, I think you might do better to hit a bunch of other rides while everyone else is trying to RD 7DMT. You can knock out a bunch of rides. While you might save yourself a longer wait time for 7DMT by RDing it, I think the total time saved would not be more than the amount saved by doing several other RD rides INSTEAD.

Ultimately, though, it is a matter of priority. For me, there are plenty of other rides I’d much rather do than 7DMT!


Hmmm. It is my number one priority ride. That and WtP. After that they are all about the same. Rounding out the top three would be BTMRR.

I presume you’ve toyed around with your TP, placing 7DMT at various times of day to see what ultimately gives you the lowest wait time overall. That’s usually what I do.

In order to guestimate how much time you’ll actually SAVE by RDing 7DMT, if you put 7DMT first in your plan, but you know you are going to be head of the line, you could probably cut the wait time that TP lists in half.

Then try placing 7DMT at various other times in your plan, and allow TP to optimize, evaluate for you. You might see your wait time go down or up overall as a result.

Also, keep in mind that “walking time” and “waiting time” really should be added together…because generall if you aren’t waiting, you’re walking between rides…and if you do more walking across the park to get shorter wait times, you are still adding to your walking time (thereby eating into any wait time advantage).

Having done BOG PPO a few times, I’d be shocked if the number of people affected 7D times. Truly, I think the PPO strategy is a liner known tip - it seems most just go in to eat breakfast, not realize the opportunity to get in line and ride early.

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I created this for reference. It shows how the estimated wait times fluctuate throughout the day (11/12). It can be helpful to do this to see when the best time to hit it might be.


If you don’t want to go through the work of making a TP with the same ride all day you can use Touring Plans attraction wait times chart. You can look up any ride at all the parks and see the predicted queue waits. Here’s 11/12/19

Here’s TP’s YouTube video of RD 7DMT at various intervals during the first hour.


I also have a BOG ppo for my trip. My plan is to drop it if We hit 7dmt another day. I would still be going to MK though, I guess that’s the difference. Switching parks you want to get some FP ahead of time.

Yes. But doing it in the TP itself allows you to play around with options without having to keep referencing the chart. But either works.

I just played around with various options that involve RDing either 7DMT or WtP. I included IASW, PPF, WtP, 7DMT, and Dumbo. The end result is that doing WtP first, followed by PPF and the others BEFORE 7DMT saves you, overall, 9 minutes even though your wait time for 7DMT is longer.

I think that 9 minutes isn’t a huge significantly different number…except that it could mean you don’t have to get to the gates at the front of the park SO early (which, to my mind, counts as waiting).

And if you RD PPF first before WtP, the time improves even further…saving you about 16 minutes overall.


Waiting before opening doesn’t count to me because it’s not the waiting per se that bothers me. It’s when waiting used up ride time.

That TP is a good visual. And @darkmite2 I’ve been looking at that chart. It looks like park open is the overall lowest.


My other MK day is actually MK til 3 then HS and my FPP are at HS. That was my only chance for SDD. Granted, if I get SDD on my first HS day with a drop that whole day becomes more flexible.

I’ll watch th at video later. Thank you for the link.

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I totally get that. But if you can have a plan that doesn’t require you to wait outside the gates an extra hour, and ultimately is overall about the same waiting time (or perhaps even lower) then I’d definitely count the time waiting outside the park as unnecessary waiting! :slight_smile:

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That might work out for you then! I would leave it flexible. If you get on it cancel BOG. But if you get there and the wait is already an hour save it for your BOG morning.

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This is rather neat!

Aren’t you going to MVMCP? Couldn’t you get in line to ride 7DMT right around closing? It wouldn’t use up that much park time.

DH and I are planning to get in line around closing at MVMCP. I got BOG PPO for just the kids. This will be for the day after they land in MCO around 6 PM and their bodies will still be 3 hours behind. I’m hoping we could Uber to MK at 7 AM and they would make it to the tapstile by 7:45 AM for their PPO check in for BOG. I was thrilled to learn they didn’t each have to order a $28 breakfast!

That’s a very good point. If you get in line at, say, 5:59, then it basically eats up NONE of your park time!

It’s an option for sure. But if the wait is 90 mins we will be starving by 7:30PM…
I think we’ll try to RD.
Which way around the castle is best?

We’ve ropped dropped it and gotten through very quickly. We were near the front of the pack at rope drop and I’d estimate we were through the line and off the ride in 15 minutes. Not a big time sucker at all.

I agree that the TP video above has excellent info.

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We were just in MK on Sun, 10/20. We entered the park by 7:20, met Main St Mickey quickly, did a quick photo on Main St in front of the castle, and then walked quickly to 7D. The wait time said 33 minutes, we were in & out in about 20 minutes.