Is Pandora worth it if you dislike Avatar?


I see your point. It is all about keeping your priorities straight!


Exactly… it’s a small (but important) sacrifice and one that will pay dividends for years on end. “You know… your brother thought something similar… you want to go ask him if his idea was good?”


Wow, that is so awesome !!! I never even tried to get there with my wife, maybe I should… :smiley:


LOL! I had a HUGE beef with this for years! In addition to losing the “Nub Nub” song! I would watch all of Return of the Jedi on Blu Ray then pull out my VHS to watch the end and avoid all the stuff they ruined! :rofl:


My oldest is named Luke. :wink:

But I actually really like the name “Luke”, Star Wars aside, as well.


Ah! Yes! Not clear why they found it necessary to remove that.

I suggested “Luke” (well, Lucas, but we’d call him “Luke”), but my wife couldn’t help associate that name with the Dukes of Hazzard. (It is a little known fact that the character “Luke” is an autobiographical reference on the part of George Lucas [Luke]. He, of course, grew up on a desert planet and eventually grew up to overthrow the ruling government, yada yada!) :wink:


My husband insisted my son’s legal name be “Lucas” as well, so it is, but he always goes by “Luke”.

If I named a child after Dukes of Hazzard, it would be Bo. He was my first ever crush. Man, how I loved him! :slight_smile:


We’ll find out when we stay at the SW Hotel!!!


I like the name Luke now, but I didn’t like it then. So my first born son does not have that name. Although there would be NO plausible deniability if I had done both of them… kinda like my neighbor who says the fact that he and his son are Lewis & Clark is a total coincidence. Suuuuurrrrre it is, Lewis. :wink:


When were naming our kids, our first two were named with the same initials: JSB. But it wasn’t really intentional. We just liked those names best. But when our third son was born, and his initials were NJB, people seemed confused, as though we had established a naming pattern that couldn’t be broken!


Add me to the list of people who love Na’vi River Journey. The shaman’s song is beyond beautiful and the shaman is AMAZING!!

Not every ride has to be wham, bam, thank you ma’am. Some are beautiful for their simplicity.


When I was a kid I imagined having four sons: Tristan, Tristram, Tarquin and Trajan.

Strangely, Life has chosen not to bless me with children.

I have a rule that my pets must have a hard C in their names. So far: Cappa and Calvin. It’s not a long run of names, I’ll grant you.


Gotta listen to the entire Ziggy album now; thank you for that, it’s been too long ! :smiley:


I have something similar. All my cats have to have a name from Lord of the Rings. So far I’ve had Bilbo (18 years old, still alive and well, I am half convinced it’s cause of his name), Gimly (RIP) and Pippin (yes, he is a complete idiot, like you would expect LOL).


Aaaaand speaking of:

Shoulda been called “Star Wars: backpedaling like there’s no hope” :rofl:


I saw the middle one and thought “That might be me after I get back from our massively expensive WDW trip”.


Don’t get me wrong, I like it. And if it had Small World level lines, I would probably be more prone to making time to ride it. But it has crazy lines for a ride that I’m not deeply in love with.

That said, I prioritize both Small World and Spaceship Earth - I love both rides. So I’m certainly not one to say “E-ticket or bust”.


Auditioning for a skippers job, are we? :rofl:


My wife did not see Avatar and she has had no interest in seeing the movie. She doesn’t like those types of movies.

She was not interested in riding FOP, but she agreed to ride FOP with me. To her surprise, she loved the ride!

I would recommend FOP even if you have zero interest in Avatar. Just like I would recommend Expedition Everest even if you have no interest in the Himalayas.


Well, I will be up the creek. :joy: