Is Pandora worth it if you dislike Avatar?


heheh one of the more fun “whoopsies” of the Pandora area is the realization that it’s a “breathable atmosphere”. The one “show” covered this by explaining that we somehow changed the air of Pandora so it’s breathable for humans…but the Na’vi still didn’t suffocate. Cause y’know…that happens.


Pointing out things like this is why I’m banished from the living room while my wife watches TV. But it’s also the reason I’m going to be allowed to upgrade my PC to play Cyperpunk 2077 on maximum settings at 60fps or better. So, silver linings all the way around.


I had sworn to only be loyal to WDW b/c I feel like it would be unfaithful to go to Orlando and visit Universal Studios but I love, Love, LOVE the Harry Potter Universe!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes, stereotypical and unimaginative. I knew that and didn’t go to see it. But it was offered free on the plane on my last trip so DH and I watched it just to get the storyline for going to Pandora. Cut out most of the second half completely, and tuned in at the end.

To me the wow factor of this movie clearly was seeing it in IMAX 3D because it has nothing to recommend it as an actual film. It’s more of a way to experience cutting edge technology- take that away and it is less than “meh”. I can’t imagine anyone actually would rewatch this at home very often, even if they did like the movie. Forty year old Star Wars or even older 2001:A Space Odyssey has better effects for the small screen, IMHO. So no doubt there are lots of kids who have never seen, or never will see Avatar. A classic it’s not.

Anyway, I got the plot line and I think it will help my enjoyment of Pandora a little but I do think Disney designed things with the general public in mind, not just Avatar fans. They don’t really push the merch or have blue princess meet & greet, so I think the ride was always the main thing with them.


Being such a huge SW fan, she knows.:wink:


You are in the World for 10 days at least. Do it.


Not only did I find the Avatar movie painfully unwatchable, the anti-military theme was very offensive to our family. Fortunately, I didn’t pick up on any of that in the Pandora rides. FOP was exciting and beautiful and innovative. Don’t miss it! NRJ was also beautiful, if you like slow rides like Frozen or IASW you’ll like NRJ, too.


See I didn’t think it was anti-military. It was more anti-invasion. There is no denying that that particular army — and really the guy in charge — had zero respect for the land or the people. The hero was himself a marine.

Just my opinion.


Oh good Lord, don’t let Connie hear you say that. She’ll flip you like a grilled cheese sandwich. He was a marine.


I also didn’t rind it anti-military as much as it was anti-senseless-murder-for-greed, but that could take this whole thing into a whole discussion about history.

I found the most troubling part of the movie to be the over the top laziness of the word, “unobtainium.”
I can’t believe for a SECOND, that any of the intelligent minds didn’t fight for a better name. Otherwise, I kinda liked it. It delivered with the effects, the storyline was typical, as expected from that director, but I really think it delivered on being immersive.


But that’s what I said.


DS was going to be Leia if he was a girl. DH did persuade me into that one.


This basically summarizes the argument I gave to my son as we were arguing over film. See, it started because of a comment about the movie Citizen Kane. I mentioned how it is amazing how that movie is praised when it ultimately is a story about finding a sled. Anyhow, he went on to explain about how it changed the art of film making due to the use of certain techniques, etc. Then he started talking about other examples. I brought up Star Wars, and he balked at that. He said that Star Wars wouldn’t be studied in film making because it didn’t change the way film was used to tell a story.

So, I gave him (in much greater/longer detail) the same argument you did. But, he claimed that what Star Wars did was change the CULTURE of film, not the ART of film making. (His entire basis of his claims is from the 1/2 semester he’s finished in a class he’s taking at college called “Foundations of Digital Video I”.

We left this 1 1/2 hour discussion/argument not really ever agreeing. :slight_smile:


Thing is, it is an allegory. It is fundamentally about what our nation did to the Native Americans in our country…one of the two “great shames” that stains America’s history.

This is why it is effectively a retelling of Dances With Wolves. Of course, with Dances With Wolves, it wasn’t allegory.


The folks over at Industrial Light & Magic probably have a different opinion.


Yes. I said that very thing! :slight_smile:


I actually really liked it too!! It’s not worth waiting in a super long line but I think it’s a pretty darn cool ride. (Also I can only stomach so many thrilling sim rides so a nice boat ride is very much welcome to my sensitive inner ear…)


…so where did you bury his body? He has a nice view of the ocean I hope. :rofl:

Also Disney’s Pocahontas …complete with sentient tree!


Well. I have to think about my retirement, and how my kids are going to have to finance it for me. If I killed him, that would be one less child to take care of me in my old age.

Of course, you could argue that I should be saving for retirement for myself. But, I mean. Come on. We’re effectively on a Disney forum here! How silly a thought.


“re…tire…ment?” what is this alien word you speak? Is this a term from Avatar??

And if you killed him, it’d b a good warning to the other kids! No, not to take care of you better but that Star Wars is and WILL be studied in film making!