Is Pandora worth it if you dislike Avatar?


Or Sasquatch. But who doesn’t have an interest in Sasquatch?


Interesting. See, for me, I just love EE because I have an interest in broken train tracks! (I thought everyone did!)


I recognize that this ship has sailed, but…

We loved the boat ride! Why is everybody so down on the boat ride? It’s the kind of immersive experience that is the reason I love Disney! There’s so much to see and the effects are really cool. We rode twice in a row.

I did not like the Avatar movie at all, BTW.


I didn’t really not like it, it’s just that it felt a bit short and underwhelming after waiting for so long…I would definitely give it another try sometime if the wait time was reasonable.


Never watched the movie. Have no idea what’s going on with the story line other than what is explained in the ride but I have ridden twice and thoroughly enjoyed it! Awesome ride!


I didn’t read all the responses (got a little off topic…) but I’ll tell you my experience. I tried and failed to watch Avatar more than once. Just didn’t get it. When I was planning our trip with our teen boys, I had no interest in this whole Pandora area. Then our friend who goes frequently told me about FOP. He never saw the movie but he loved the ride passionately so I rearranged the plan to make a place for it. I’M SO GLAD I DID. We waited 1.5 hours, which was crazy, but I swear it was worth it. The sensory experience was unmatched, from feeling the wind to feeling the animal you are riding breath beneath you. You don’t look around and see other people’s feet like Soarin’. You see nothing but what you are flying through. And to think you never actually moved the whole time - absolutely worth the wait and rearranging the plans. I hope that is the future of amusement park rides.


I’m not into the movie either, and I can’t do FOP. Navi river is very well done and the whole land is stunning. We are never there more than an hour, but I do think it’s worth seeing.


Same here!