Is it smart to go straight to Gringott's

With NO early access, a two-day multi-park ticket, and the decision to do IOA our first day (a Friday in October), is it smart to run straight through the UOR side to ride Gringott’s first and then get on the train to go over to IOA? Any other ideas for that scenario?



Tough one. Any way you cut it, you’re probably looking at a long wait esp b/c you’ll be behind the EE crowd. Do you have a UOR TP subscription? If so, what do the forecasted wait times say? Wonder if you’ll be at UOR on a day where EE is not happening at Universal? Maybe they will stagger EE outside the Summer? That could be your best bet. PS

Looks like 328 minutes across the board. EE is going on both days and because of HHN, UOR will close at 5pm.

So if I am hearing you right, we are kinda SOL because of the EE? Does the wait time really shoot up to that level at 9am? Maybe the estimates will go down in two-three months?

p.s. Yeah, I playing around with that TP. Just wondered about waiting that long to ride Gringott’s and the early closing time. It’s too bad DA won’t be open during HHN.

Think you’re SOL esp b/c of EE. I can tell you that a few weeks ago there was a mega-line by regular opening time (8am then). It should better in a few months but betting it’ll still be a significant wait. Really need EE. Cabana Bay was near $100. Maybe still a deal?

I’m facing a similar dilemma and since we’re borrowing a timeshare while we’re there, shelling out $100 for a room we don’t need just feels silly. I hate the idea that unless you pay extra money to stay onsite, you can’t enjoy all of the parks the way onsite guests do and are “SOL” - just seems like a steep disadvantage for anyone trying to save money while doing one of these trips. Kind of feel the same way with the disadvantages of staying offsite at WDW, too. Maybe it’s time to cancel and rebook for Hawaii, haha - no FPP reservations or EE or EMH or any of the above to deal with.

HI is prob cheaper too. :wink:

It probably would be, haha. We decided to go for the big Orlando trip since we could borrow a timeshare for our stay (free is indeed the least expensive way to go), but the way people discuss things on this forum, I’m starting to feel like staying offsite is some kind of insurmountable obstacle to having a good time - like booking the FPP 30 instead of 60 days out, no EE or EMH, etc. basically make it impossible to avoid long lines and have a decent experience. We both love Disney so much, but with the rising costs of Annual Passports for DLR at home and the experience I’m having planning for this WDW/UOR trips…maybe we should take up national park touring instead, haha.

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Too funny! Well, I can’t book FPP ahead of time either. Always have to do it on the same day. But, despite that, we still cruise through WDW with little wait and a good TP and on crowd level 8/9. So, it can totally be done. Betting the same for Universal; I don’t have the same amount of experience at UOR (a few vs dozens of visits) but no doubt the same principles apply. Only doubt that Gringots can be done with little wait. It’s cool but nothing is worth even an hour for us.

You are dead on with the timeshare. That is what we are doing also. I have measured the cost from all different angles and almost changed my mind when thinking about the garage parking fees…until I found out you pay for parking when staying at the US resorts also! We are saving a ton of money by staying offsite. And I have stayed at the Hard Rock in October also. I just never thought the lines were too bad in Oct, but the EP was nice. I just don’t want to pay an extra $400 for it and it doesn’t even work on Gringott’s. The Hard Rock and the Royal Pacific are nice, but the cost is way more than a friend’s timeshare. And Cabana Bay doesn’t even give you an Express Pass.

So I am guessing that going with the Two-Day Offsite TP is probably the best option then. We will chance it with Gringott’s the first day and if it’s impossible, do the wait time on the second day. Again, not having DA open during HHN is really the stinger here.

Thank you for saying that! The way people talk about getting FPP 60 days out and utilizing EMH/EE, I was starting to think we’d be hopeless without it, haha. And Gringotts we’re willing to single rider. I will miss seeing the inside of it since it’s perhaps one of my favorite scenes from the films in terms of design, but perhaps if we linger and beg long enough, they’ll give us a peek without waiting in three hours of line :slight_smile: Perhaps…

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Right?! HHN is killing me. We’re doing our two days at UOR a few days apart (WDW in between) so we can hit USF on a day without HHN. Had to schedule the entire week around it, haha.

Yeah. Totally get it. You know you can buy into Express right? It’s variably priced meaning cheaper on non-peak days. I got through nearly everthing at Universal (both parks) in one day including three (yes 3!) rides on Gringots. The ride broke down on us in the last scene, we got an anytime paper pass which the Team Members never took from us. You fill in the blanks. :slight_smile:

I thought about buying Express, just didn’t know if it was worth it since it doesn’t cover HP rides which will be our focus for those parks (BIG HP nerds).

Not going to hit HHN? Looks cool!

Well you can single ride Forbidden Journey (way cooler than Gringots IMHO) w/ not a bad wait. Don’t know if Gringots has a single rider.

We are definitely doing the Mickey Not So Scary thing at MK. Last time we did that, we rode Splash Mountain twice in a row because there was absolutely nobody in line. I never thought I would ever see that! It took some whining to the employees, but they let us. Great time!

Awesome!!! Love that party!! Best fireworks, best parade on property I think

The two-day two-park with unlimited Express Pass is…wait for it…$620. …of course, minus HP and Gringott’s. Too steep IMO. They really have figured out how to make you want to stay onsite. You will pay that cost either way.

…and the parades are definitely when to ride the rides. :smile:

I have never ridden either of them, but that is good to know!