Is FoP really all that?

I keep changing my mind about whether to include it our plans or not. Convince me that it’s worth the effort to rope drop to give this ride a try. (Or tell me it’s ok to cross it off our list!)


If you are not prone to motion sickness, it is INCREDIBLE

I love it and in trips past would not miss it. More recently I am finding that 3D attractions leave me feeling a bit off so I’m a little more tentative about it.

But if that’s not a problem, don’t miss it.


IF you are the RD type, it is worth a ride. I would even pay for it every once in a while.


My opinion:

We enjoy FOP, but it isn’t a must-do for us like GotG and SDD. We don’t ride FOP every trip. If you can make it work for your schedule, then I recommend riding it, but if it causes a lot of stress to fit it in, then I don’t think passing on it is a big mistake.


I think it is amazing! It’s a not to be missed ride for me.


How would you say it compares to Soarin for motion sickness? Just trying to think of something we have done that I could compare it to.


Soarin doesn’t make me feel any motion sickness at all

It leaves me feeling less off than Star Tours, which I will not do anymore, but it’s a close second in the motion sickness department


Me neither! :laughing: Does that mean I’ll be safe on FoP, or it could still be an issue with motion sicknes?

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see my added note comparing it to star tours

We haven’t tried Star Tours yet either. :face_with_peeking_eye:

I LOVE FoP! Definitely a must-do for our family (and willing to pay the ILL if we can’t rope drop), we’d all put it in our top three (kids started riding around age 5 or 6 and both loved it instantly).

I’ve never felt sick on FoP even though I’m prone to motion sickness on roller coasters and some simulators. I enjoy mild coasters like 7DMT and SDD, but feel sick on both BTMRR and EE (don’t enjoy and would not ride more than once per trip anymore). I also get a bit woozy on Star Tours, but still ride and enjoy it.


FoP is absolutely a must do for our entire family (everyone tall enough to ride). I put it above SDD and GotG (barely though). I wouldn’t consider going without riding it, and we found the ILL 100% worth it


For DH only GotG and FoP have given him any issues with motion sickness. It’s all about focusing on the screen for him. Meds (when he chooses to take them) help. But they make him drowsy so he doesn’t. I haven’t tried a band on him bc it didn’t work on our cruise. Maybe the patch?
He doesn’t have any issue with other screen rides. But he had the same issue with Forbidden Journey in the park of shadows down the way.

If it does end up causing motion sickness, would it mess us up for long? I’d hope for a quick recovery so it doesn’t ruin the day.


It has never ruined day for me. Left me feeling a little green in the gills for an hour or so


It doesn’t mess up DH for the day but I would throw EE and Dino much later in the list for the day. DH can only do FoP and GotG once per day and needs some down time from lots of swift movement and jerking rides for a few hours after.

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I find FoP fun, but not a favorite. I much prefer Soarin’ to FoP. Basically you are sitting in a theater, but sitting astride. The fake breathing is annoying. At least with Soarin’ you are actually moving.

Anyhow, it is fun enough if there isn’t a huge wait. But I don’t tend to enjoy 3D. (And don’t get me started on the missing Ikram’s head.)

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One of my favorite things about you Ryan is how consistent you are :rofl:




Wait. Are you calling me stubborn? :nerd_face:


I called you consistent :slight_smile:

Another word might be “predictable”