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How many days until you leave? I am just wondering how attached I should get to this plan…


Looks good!

What the heck is “anticlockwise”? Some new protest/movement? Haven’t heard about that yet from my pal Stephen (Colbert, duh).


Not sure I would bother with Seuss’ High in the Sky. It is slow and boring, not at all like the Tomorrowland people mover. It is good for kids. If the Express Pass gets you on it, okay. I suppose no harm, no foul. But I wouldn’t wait for it.

Aside from that, it really is a thing of beauty. I think all your (our?) hard work paid off.


I agree! It is a thing of beauty. Fingers crossed for good weather and low-ish crowds.

I think that while “counter-clockwise” refers to a direction, “anticlockwise” refers to a personal stand/belief against going clockwise. ANYONE can choose to go counter-clockwise or clockwise, but when you are “anticlockwise” you really have no choice but to go counter-clockwise based on principle.


Genuinely amazed that you don’t call it anticlockwise.


Are you sure about the time for HS on July 2nd? It seems to be the only day you are RD and yet you are arriving 2 hours after it opens while staying onsite and on what will probably be a new high CL record day.

You don’t seem like a morning person but maybe this will be the day to load on coffee rather than facing raging massess.

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12 until I leave, 13 until I arrive

I have no credibility here, so I’m not even sure it’s worth me saying anything. Except that this version does seem to accomplish all of my objectives. FPPs for all the rides I want to do (now including both Soarin’ and FEA, thanks to the reinstatement of the dessert party), and DAH to mop up all the other ones.

Quite a lot of it is non-cancellable, so I’m stuck with it.

I feel pretty good about it.

And I’m really fed up with changing it, to be honest. Like I went property nuts over the weekend. As in not sleeping and my eyes drying out from staring at my laptop for about 18 hours straight.

Good tip. I’m not wedded to it. I was looking for non-violent rides to start the day, as I was planning on eating as soon as I got there.

My assumption was that because I have FPPs there was less urgency about arrival time. If you mean I’ll be standing in line for so long just to get in that I’ll miss my FPP windows, then fair point. I may have the energy to get up earlier. I could go to bed fairly early the night before.


tl;dr - it’s going to change anyway…


I actually liked High in the Sky, it gives you a nice view of the park. That said, I would also add One Fish, Two Fish. Yes, it is a rehash of the typical Dumbo-type ride…but the song is cute and you need to follow the directions they are singing or you will get wet! :slight_smile:


With a 7am opening you can get a lot done even if you keep your current FPP selections. You could try RD either ASS or TSMM. Or event try riding ToT and RNR while everyone goes off to TSL. Some theorize that the park will be a ghost town before the spillover occurs at around 9am. You could even squeeze in ST, march of the first order, meet Chewbacca, or a go to a show. I’m just saying that possibly the only real advantage of staying onsite is EMH and you should take advantage of it.


Yes, and no. It is kind of annoying, because some of the things the “narrator” is telling you about you can’t actually see much of the time (such as the Zax). And the things you can you can see without riding.

Like I said, it is okay if there is no wait, but the wait can be long for something that is rather ho-hum.

I don’t remember waiting long for it at all.

My dh and I were at IOA the year it opened and High in the Sky wasn’t opened yet. The track was there, but no ride. It was one of the things I was looking forward to when we returned two summers ago w/ the kids.

The first year we rode it, the wait was almost an hour. The second time, the wait was about 25 minutes.

In both cases, we were there during times when the CL was about a 2.

We went on it this past February, despite the line, because my DS8 was an infant the last time.

Again, it just isn’t worth the wait. But if it is covered by the Express Pass, then that isn’t an issue.

…We had express passes so that may have been why I don’t remember waiting all that long.

DS7 loved getting me wet on that!

I didn’t realise that was a possibility. It may be a deal-breaker.

You make a good case. I’ll certainly think about it. It mostly depends on whether I have the energy for it. I have a very late night on the Saturday, but a much earlier one on the Sunday — and my EMH for DHS is on the Monday morning at 7am.

I wouldn’t put money on it.

I have a real sense of relief at the moment. Like I’m finally finished. There are no nagging worries.

The only thing I might change is Monsieur Paul for Le Cellier. I have ADR finder on the case.

Other than that, I’m finally happy with my choices. I’ll be writing a thread about what I’ve learned later on.

I will say I’ve been spending money like a drunken sailor. A very different strategy will be needed next year.