In room cooking ideas for light meals

So we are over for three weeks in august and are planning to have a light breakfast most mornings before heading for RD, and sometimes have a lunch back at the room during afternoon break from the parks.
We will be doing an amazon or garden grocer etc order or two and wondering if anyone has any good ideas bearing in mind the typical limits of small fridges limited cooking options etc.

I have invested for under £20 in a mini George Forman to use… so toasted sandwiches or a bagel maybe… what else.

George Foreman 25800 Small Fit grill


Are you staying in a regular room or a DVC room with a kitchen or kitchenette?

regular rooms!
so coffee maker and foreman grill is it!

i figure obvious stuff like a bacon and cheese bagel etc would be simple maybe a pop tart or croissant in it should work.

Wondering what else I could pop in there.

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It’s against the rules to cook in a normal room. Fire hazard. I wouldn’t risk it personally but I know people do.


oh I never even thought of that… not sure where the fire risk would be though in fairness.
certainly no more risk than all my random chinese rechargeable fans :smiley:


Ok Im falling down the rabbit hole here…

Is it actually not allowed?

Has mention of mostly park stuff but also talks about what isnt allowed in rooms and resorts and no mention of a rule against cooking or reheating food.
lots of forums and blogs mention in passing that it isnt allowed but I havent found anything to back it up.

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I brought my toaster. Unplugged it after every use and put it away when it was cool.

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We do short trips, so we just bring a large variety of grab-and-go breakfast items. Because Disney food is heavier than we are used to, we are rarely hungry in the morning so a cup of coffee and a protein bar are all we need to get us out the door. If anyone is hungry before lunch it gives us a great excuse to enjoy a fun snack in the parks.

You know I am probably basing it on those same blogs etc as well as other liners. I’ve never seen it written on the website.

Yeh I’m going to have a think about if its worth it or not! as we are staying at POFQ i guess we could pretty easily also just make something up in room and throw them in microwave/toaster on our way to the bus…

its interesting as some people think leaving a slow cooker on all day while at the park is just fine… and i think thats mad!
but then I think doing a quick grill in the room is fine (none smelly or smokey stuff) but others probably think thats mad! :smiley:

I think they are both mad. I did find this which is official Disney but the quality of the answers does vary.


That definitely makes it sound like only the cabins and villas allow it.


I dont see why heating a bagel is any different to making coffee! no difference in risk really at all.

yes Disney Moms is a mixed bag on it, mostly they say no to using appliances from home which I get its just easier to say no and some people would take it too far if they said it was ok…
couple of older ones say ‘reheating food in your room is fine’ but dont clarify if that mean using a disney microwave for example.



If you are interested… there are many former CMs on the Facebook group, Ear for Each Other that will deliver breakfast boxes and charcuterie boards to you at your resort. There are even some that will do full out catered meals.

I ordered a breakfast box for 4 for my trip next week There are only two of us, but I figured it would last through five mornings. :sunglasses:

It may be worth looking into.


I play lots of boardgames and that wouldn’t fly :wink:
it doesn’t say you cant! it just suggest some places where you can!

I do think
A, its clear Disney would rather you didnt.
B Disney should just up and say it! they have a note saying no smoking on Balconies so why not say no external cooking appliances!

I admire anyone who has been able to get anything from that group. I’ve tried things much easier than others claim to have gotten and have gotten ZERO response. I finally gave up. If they’re ignoring requests they can’t be that hard up for money.

Probably because they don’t expect people to bring appliances with them.


I ordered “I Create Happiness” stickers to hand out to CMs as a thank you, and the breakfast box. Didn’t have issues with either.

Will have to see how the breakfast box turns out late next week, but the stickers are gorgeous!


FWIW, I am pretty sure most hotels that don’t have kitchenettes, prohibit small kitchen appliances. Heck, my last few corporate jobs wouldn’t allow us to have toaster ovens in the kitchen areas (they also don’t allow personal space heaters or fans at our desks).