In-room coffee makers

Does anyone happen to know what kind of coffee machines are provided in resort rooms - in particular at the Grand Floridian? If they are Keurig-type machines using the pods, we would probably buy a packet or two from our favorite coffee supplier to bring with us, but clearly won’t bother if the machines are a different type.

Last I checked the coffee makers in the non-DVC resort rooms used the combination filter/coffee pods that look like giant round tea bags. There are sites where you can order higher quality coffee pods, as the ones in the room are pretty lousy.

Thanks for the info. I’m so happy Disney is not going to those horrible “kups” like so many hotels! We like to take our coffee carcinogens free. Sure, they say the plastic is safe now, but they used to say that about BPA for about 50 years before they found them linked to cancer! Then there is the effect these single-use plastic buggers are having on our landfills – not to mention the ocean! Yay, Disney - all of the convenience of single serve with the use of responsible materials!


Personally don’t care what they have as long as they have something. Almost all in room coffee is aweful - but I’ll take it first thing in the morning!!! On a side note - I also make oatmeal with the coffee maker. Good, quick, cheap breakfast.

It makes sense. Disney are pretty into conservation.

Disney is into cheap - Keurigs = expensive, nasty pod coffee makers = inexpensive. :wink:

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Hahaha! This is so very funny! Yes, I have also noticed both sides of Disney.

I have to say, though, Starbucks has been using pods since long before the “kups” came along. Though I am not a fan of Starbucks coffee, I do have a Starbucks coffee pod brewer and it produces single-serve coffee as well any “kup” machine and far better than a pot from drip maker. So there’s your conservation Disney!

On the other hand, I have heard mostly negative reviews about the Cuisinart machine - that it leaks, spits steam and water due to the machine not being capable of withstanding the pressure, only presses 1/2 a cup - so there’s your cheap Disney!

I have NEVER been in a hotel, brewed in room coffee and thought - “WOW - how can I get this nectar of the gods every day???” I basically keep my eyes open and me from hurting people before I can go get a “real” coffee elsewhere. I don’t care if its, Pods, sacks, loose, instant or just dirt. As long as it is NOT decaf and and hot - I am good. And for the record - WAWA (those in the Mid Atlantic know what I’m talking about) has the best coffee by far. Much better than Starbucks or DD. HA


Ditto! I can drink anything, but if the spoon doesn’t stand in the cup on its own, it’s just colored water as far as I’m concerned! Guess I’ll have to find out what that WAWA is all about!

I hated the coffee in the rooms at Disney! I struggled to drink it as it had zero flavor and was very much like colored water to me.

I ended up ordering a bag of beans and preparing cold brew in the fridge while we were at the parks. at 120g per 1L bottle over 16hours it was strong enough for me to add to Milk and zap in the microwave

Second the WAWA. Although the QuickTrip here in Georgia does really well too!

Ha so WAWA is like a Royal Farms or 7 Eleven - but to compare it to either one of these is pure sacrilege. It started out as a dairy and just grew. It is basically a CLEAN, well managed mini mart with all sorts of things and gas as well. However they have a significant self serve coffee selection. The coffee is awesome. Friend of ours works at corporate and they said that the filtering system alone for the coffee is crazy expensive. So that is WAWA (mease Goose)

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WAWA is such a staple out here in PA it is easy to forget it is not everywhere. So much better to get coffee at WAWA vs Starbucks. You just chose your flavor, pour and pay, without having to wait for someone to order “The Double Ristretto Venti Half-Soy Nonfat Decaf Organic Chocolate Brownie Iced Vanilla Double-Shot Gingerbread Frappuccino Extra Hot With Foam Whipped Cream Upside Down Double Blended”


LOVE their meatball subs too and my wife has a co-dependency on their mac and cheese. HA

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I thought they were called “hoagies” in the Keystone State…

Ha - you are trying - so you get points. Not to completely derail the topic - but I will give you the general breakdown.

The following is the general equivalency to the rest of the world
Hoagie = Cold Sub sandwich (turkey, salami, other lunch meat(s), cheeses, lettuce etc
Grinder = Heated / Toasted Sub sandwich - the above but you toast it
Meatball is a meatball sub not a meatball hoagie
Cheesesteak will be saved for a more advanced topic. However a cheesesteak has never been born outside the greater Philadelphia Metropolitan area .

As an added bonus - it is soda here - not pop. Pop is someone’s grandpa



@galuchies, I don’ even know what that drink is, I assume you made it up, but the fact that it SOUNDS like it could be an actual thing is really scary!

I spent 4 years at Penn State and have spent much time in eastern PA where my best friend lives. I look forward to Wawa. Every. Single. Time.


LOL, unfortunately it is real, also known as the longest order at Starbucks. I live in eastern PA, and one of my sons is at Penn State right now.

Ha ha ha ha ha! I looked at how many comments were on this post and I thought “Wow, people must really be passionate about their in-room coffee… maybe they have a good tip! I better read it!” and then I get here & see Wawa comments! LOLOL! I’m from Delaware, lived in CA & NJ for a while and am now in PA. Let me also say that Wawa is revered for good reason! I missed it soooo much while in CA and northern NJ! There is really no comparison to any other kind of “convenience store” out there. My kiddos are in love with the mac & cheese too, and their coffee is great! You really must make a point of going to Wawa (one of the bigger ones with a gas station) if you are in the area!!

And on a topic more in line with the main point of this thread, I bought some of those Starbucks Via instant coffee tubes because they were on sale at Target & I thought they might be fun to try during out trip. They’ve got quite a few flavors, but now I want to also pack some butterscotch chips to make this recipe!