In-room coffee makers

And in literally the most wonderful timing coincidence ever, I posted the above comment & then my FB page chimed to alert me that a friend posted THIS link, which is about how Wawa is giving free coffee out on Friday, 9/29!!

Enjoy, Disney friends!


As a follow-up to my original post in this thread and the first response, we just returned from the GF, and they are providing Keurig machines for in-room coffee (at least in our room), not the type that uses the filter pods. We didn’t think the supplied coffee was that good, so for anyone who’s a little picky about their first-thing-in-the-morning cup of coffee, think about bringing some of your favorite K-pods with you. Anyone happen to need a dozen and a half filter pods of French vanilla coffee?

Do you know what are used in DVC rooms? Staying at Poly on rented points and I need to know what kind to bring. TIA!

Here is the guest room inventory by room type for the Poly DVC:

Thanks! I’ll be bringing my own coffee and filters!

There is a WAWA opening by my office in DC (DuPont Circle area) and the entire company has it marked on our calendars. We cannot wait.

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Wawa rocks!!!

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