In-park quick service breakfast?

I’m going to compile all of these into a document and format it so that I can print it out and have it with me.
When I’m done I’ll upload it here if anyone else wants it. This is a real game changer as I’ve never known about these places, for whatever reason.


QS Breakfast, my reality since the times have changed an an 8 am breakfast resi doesn’t get me into an empty park (and ahead of the rope drop crowds).
Here are my personal picks based on experience:
HS: Woody’s is fantastic and realistic if you rope drop Slinky (and can hit Mania twice and alien saucers) and mobile order for 9am or so. Can’t go wrong with their breakfast bowls and I’d argue there is never a bad time for their grilled cheese. I have waited and hit Ronto for their delicious breakfast wrap too since its right next to Toy Story. They sometimes have a delicious dragon fruit over-night-oats side dish too.
EP: Les Halles. If you’re early on Remy, then line up here next. Incredible pastries and breakfast options. If you really want to stretch it, for the Flower and Garden festival I’ll hit up the Brunch food booth outside of Test Track, but you’re waiting till 10:30 or 11 there.
AK: Kusafari (small window after Tuskers but before Safari). Great, though limited, options. And if you’ve already done the dash early to Pandora, the starbucks line may not be too crazy either if you’d prefere that.
MK: Not many off the top of my head but Gaston’s for the cin roll is heaven OR you could hit up Sleepy Hallow for the nutella waffle or “spicy” chicken waffle.


It’s not open for early entry though, right? So you’re basically doing a second RD here? Interesting…


You are correct, and if this was any other food option I wouldn’t recommend it, but it is definitely “to each their own”. Its the best breakfast and pastry food IMO in WDW, they don’t have mobile order and the line can and does form well before 9AM and can be super slow to start.
So perfect morning, ride Remy by 8:30-8:40, wait in line, food in hand by 9:05 then off to the rest of the park. If this is your first trip and desperately want Frozen and aren’t doing Genie, absolutely skip it and grab a bite somewhere else.

Completely forgot this option too. The bacon is delicious and yes thick and a lil’ fatty, which is why anyone would buy it. There is/was a stand near by that also sells a bear-claw that is also a good breakfast treat.

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