In-park quick service breakfast?

What is everyone’s best recommendation for in-park quick service breakfast options for each park?

We’ve been to WDW 5 times in the last 15 years and always seem to have the same problem. Our family is not used to eating right when we wake up, so instead we get to the park and knock out a few rides with low lines first. But then when we do get hungry and look for something quick to keep our day moving we always have trouble finding breakfast options. Am I missing something?

Not looking for table service but tired of ending up at Starbucks. What do all you rope droppers do?? Are you eating before going in to the parks? We prefer savory to sweet, but I’ll take what I can get!

Currently planning our next trip for this October and hoping to have a better list of options on hand to prevent our past mistakes! TIA

I don’t have any at EP or HS really (aside from starbs)

But MK is Sleepy Hollow for a fruit and nutella waffle or Gastons for a giant cinnamon roll
And AK is Y&Y food trucks for a breakfast bowl


We definitely eat something light in the room before rope dropping. You aren’t missing anything, breakfast options are few and far between in the parks. At MK we have eaten at Sleepy Hollow and Friers Nook but neither was all that good. At Epcot you may luck out at Sunshine Seasons but even there it can be muffins only at times. AK had a couple of coffee/pastry options and we’ve never even tried at HS. Have fun planning! You going to try for any Halloween parties?

At Epcot, there is Les Halles…and I believe Sunshine Seasons has some breakfast items.

We tend not to eat Breakfast in the parks, or sometimes at all, on rope-drop days though.


Oh I always forget this!!!

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I actually think there’s more than folks realize (there’s like 3-4 just in the Africa section of AK for example).

I think the issue is nothing is very unique or inventive. It’s almost all pastry and breakfast sandwiches


Thanks! We really struggle with EP options and was hoping with all the new construction there would be something new to try!

HS the best we’ve found is Ronto Roasters but it’s a trek if you’re not already on that side of the park!

This will be our first time for Halloween and definitely plan to do MNSSHP while we are there. DD4 specifically demanded to meet Jack Skellington. :skull:

Yeah i’ve never made it there for breakfast personally because of what you say

Also Woody’s Lunchbox I think has some good breakfast bowl options, but similar issue.


My family is always in a similar situation. Compounding our issue is that we have a diabetic on our group that really needs to eat breakfast, but we often leave the resort before the food court is open. So, it’s important to us that we find a place to eat soon after we hit those first few rope drop rides. I’ll admit that we haven’t found the perfect solution, but this is where we usually go:
MK - Sleepy Hollow for fruit and nutella waffle or chicken waffle
HS - Ronto Roasters
AK - Kusafiri or Yak and Yeti or Tamu Tamu
Epcot- Les Halles or a Joffreys Cart for a donut (for all of us but the diabetic). We’ve also done Sunshine Seasons a few times.

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I also like sleepy hallow for MK…but 2nd favorite would be over at friar nook for the sausage gravy tots yum
AK was always a hard one for us…love yak and yeti but they dont open until like 9 and i am usually hungry earlier so always end up getting one of those sausage breakfast sandwiches they sell every where.
HS it would be at Woodys for a lunch box tart or breakfast bowl
Epcot…i leave at international gateway amd get breakfast at beach club or boardwalk. But le halles is a good choice

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While their donuts look huge, I have heard they are not very good. Would you concur? We have never had one because of this…report.

It annoys me a great deal that there is no sort/filter option for “breakfast” or any meal type in general on the dining page of the website or in MDE.

I will say the breakfast I had there most recently was outstanding and was a slightly more unique take on a breakfast bowl than the usual.



Oooh! Tomato-pepper relish sounds promising!

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See this is exactly what I mean about there being more than people realize. I had no idea Friar’s Nook was open at breakfast

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I like them. I find them to be quite good

That was the very thing which made it special!

My kids bought one a few years ago for the first time and I assumed it would be dry and semi-stale, but it was shockingly good! Very fresh and tasty. It’s been a couple of years now since I’ve had one, but they used to be good.

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On our trip in August we had egg sandwiches that were pretty good. One was from a food truck set up right outside Adventureland, where they were holding us for rope drop. We had done early entry so we were ready to eat and there’s a ledge to sit over there. The other spot was the Friar’s Nook, which had a sandwich board out front advertising breakfast.

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This is great for the casual visitor. But if you’re a Liner you’re planning that stuff out ahead of time, and not generally deciding based on walking by an advertisment in the course of your morning

I agree with whomever who indicated it would be good to have a meal filter (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack) to help sort the multitude of restaurant locations at WDW