In-park moments that make you weepy

Listen, I’m a crier, have been since I was young. I get set off by near everything. As I prepare to go back to Disney World this spring, I’m feeling a little pensive.

Sometimes, a phrase just hits just so. The best, for me, is:

“I’m with the resistance, and here to rescue you.”


This got me thinking, what park moments are the real tear-jerkers for you?


I love the RotR moment!

The first thing I thought of is Lincoln’s speech in Hall of Presidents. American Adventure also gets to me!


Those are good ones! For me it’s the shows in AK. I cry every single time I see FotLK and I’ve probably seen it 25-30 times. Circle of Life :sob:. The Nemo show… it is just so incredibly well done and the stars are so talented. When they do their curtain call :sob:. Feathered Friends in Flight when the bald eagle comes out and they get all patriotic and talk about conservation :sob:. I am also a major crier over allll the things. Anything theater or performative especially.

Eta: also most nighttime shows with the fireworks and the music. Especially when Tinkerbell flies and there’s a collective gasp from the crowd. That feeling of being in that gets me every time too.


I cry when I see the littlest ones getting excited for something. Jumping up and down for a character or riding Dumbo hands up, big smiles like it’s a coaster. I cry at least once a day at WDW. The FW and music gets me every time too. I miss HEA and can’t wait to have it back but even Enchantment got me a bit weepy eyed.


Another one that always gets me is “There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow, and it’s only a dream away!”


Meeee tooooooooooo!


I’m not an emotional person ….and I have totally had tears in my eyes a few times while at WDW. One of them being the first time I got to go back after the Covid shutdown.


We still watch it on YouTube every few months. Sigh.

I bet I will cry for the parade on Tuesday too. We haven’t seen it in 3 years.


Same. One the way to the airport, at the airport, on the plane,on the magical express (rip) walking into WL and all the parks. I was a complete disaster that trip bc of allll the emotions. I mean we never knew if we’d ever be back you know?


I can only think of two occasions where I’ve choked up at WDW…

  1. Watching a Frozen parade at HS during their Frozen Summer celebration and the music (specifically the end slow orchestral notes of Do You Want To Build A Snowman) somehow got me in my feels. I think it was just an overwhelming happy sensation. Not sure if that was our first or second trip. That music still triggers my nostalgia :smiling_face_with_tear:
  2. Watching DS (playing the Beast) and dancing with Belle at ETWB when he was 3! :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:
    Happy times!!!

I cry easily, especially when I’m hit with a load of cute, adorable, or happy. One of my favorite happy cries is when people clap after a ride. It’s the spontaneity and collective emotion that gets me. I’ve witnessed it most often on Soarin’. At both WDW and DL.


I am a very emotional person in general, but not so much at WDW.

I do remember a giant wave of relief and the tears that go with that on our 2016 trip. Our fifth park day we had finally accomplished everything on our list ESPECIALLY the goal of meeting every one of the princesses and Elsa. The wave of triumph was too much and I got weepy. We’d worked HARD to meet all of them - running back and forth WS for Jasmine and Mulan, paying for TS, etc.


Hearing the music after you tap in and get into the park proper.

Candlelight Processional. Minnie’s Christmas fireworks. HEA. And I’m with @LTinNC82 on the AK shows. Nothing better. My aunt cries on FOP.


Yes! I had several moments of “yes we finally made it back.” First was just at the airport— I was just so happy to bring my kids on a normal family vacation.


I used to always cry watching Wishes, Happily Ever After, or Capture the moments.

I cried riding FoP in July. I was with my son and there were so many days I doubted that I would ever be in Disney again with him. I cry now just thinking about it.


First time I see the Castle or my Tree
Usually MK fireworks (though Enchantment doesn’t do that for me)
Porch at Nomad
Sunrise at my resort


I love this thread and your reply. Like you, HoP and CoP make me cry. I always thought I was the only one…. Maybe because my kids go “mom, I can’t believe you are crying”.



and a little girl dressed as Rey meeting both her and Chewie had me choking up :face_holding_back_tears:

In both cases the cast members were fantastic with the kids, talked with them and took their time to let the parents take photos, I wasn’t the only one chopping onions!

edit: my otger photo seemed to have gone missing…


I didn’t even think about FOP but there are absolutely times when you swoop and most feel like you are crying that I tear up. Same thing around the time you hit Victoria Falls on Soarin.

I have had moments with my DD12 that also choke me up. When she feels random joy, skipping through the hub or doing this weird crab dance to the music at Glaxy’s Edge

I am glad you got to ride with your son again!


These things get me too. It’s when you see that Disney Magic really shine.