Improve my park bag...!

After much discussion about how fashionable bum bags (fanny packs) are, I’ve decided that the maximum size of one that I’m willing to wear is really only practical for nighttime touring.
So I decided to attempt a cross body bag for longer daytime use. Here is my prototype…

I have an internal waterproof layer, so although the outer fabric of the bag would get wet in the rain, the contents should stay dry.

Zip pocket for phone (and maybe, but hopefully not, masks). I have a loop to attach a small refillable hand sanitizer bottle and there’s another loop at the other side that’s free for a potential coin/card purse or something.

Inside the bag there’s a pouch for easy access to hand wipes and suncream and plenty space below them for ponchos.

On the outside I have a studded loop and elastic to attach one or two freestyle cups. I will likely make the top loop a bit tighter on the next bag as it’s a bit dangly.

I’ve been using the bag (without the cups) for a week or so now and it seems to work well. Of course, that’s not in a theme park environment.

So, what an I missing? What should I add or remove? What improvements should I make from this to the next version? Any input gratefully received.


I love it when I can have a park bag that isn’t a park bag at all. I prefer to use my FlipBelt whenever possible!

Unless I’m going from sunup to close, I don’t carry very much. It’s quite freeing.


That fabric is so cool! The cups hanging off the sides would probably drive me nuts, but that is why I don’t carry freestyle cups regardless of which bag I use. Is it secure enough that things won’t fall out of the main pouch when you are taking it on and off rides? Love the waterproof liner. A secure place for your id/credit card? It looks great! I wish I could sew lol…


I’m hoping to be minimalist in the evenings, but for daytime, we’ll need something bigger.

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I was thinking of maybe adding a card sized pouch to the inside of the zipper pocket.


It looks great! Good job.

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I love that fabric! The Hufflepuff badger just jumps right out to me as a Hufflepuff myself. :joy: I often use a similar crossbody bag and the only issue I have with it is no place for a water bottle. I think you’ll do well with it!


Talented people really annoy me. That bag looks awesome.


That’s what I was thinking too.


I love this! I wish I could handle things on my shoulders/neck.


Park bag version 2.0 …

I added loops at the back so that the cups aren’t so dangly. I still need to put the ones on the side so I can tie up the elastic when I’m not carrying a cup.

I added a couple of card slots inside the zipper pouch…

I made the internal pockets slightly deeper.

I’m quite pleased with it. I think if I were to make a third (which I probably won’t), then I would put an extra loop of elastic nearer the top for even more cup security.
I’ve been using the first bag for general use and I’m still loving it.

Thanks for all your help to make the design park-ready :grin::+1:t2:
Only 48 days to go :partying_face:
I better get cracking on my matching lanyard straps :smiley:


It looks great!


Oh I probably will…

Just got this fabric delivered today (on Friday the 13th!!):+1:t2::+1:t2::laughing: :laughing:


Love it!

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