Important straw news update

Readers of my fascinating account of my park bag choice process will remember talk of taking metal straws in the parks.

Disney has (or is close to) phasing plastic straws out. I find the paper ones get soggy too quickly and struggle to cope with delicious Frapuccinos.

So I bought some metal straws to take with me.

I have now had an opportunity to test them on your behalves by ordering a coffee and vanilla milkshake from Five Guys.

They are narrower than the plastic straw provided, though there was no difficulty drinking the milkshake. There was no unpleasant metallic taste. One thing that does happen is that the straw, being metal, becomes extremely cold, which is marginally an issue.

@ryan1 made the good point that walking around with a drink while using a metal straw is potentially dangerous: if you fall you could impale your upper palate and die a horrible death.

@Randall1028 wisely suggested just taking two paper straws with each drink instead.

On balance I have decided to accept the counsel of them both. The metal straws will be a home-based luxury only.


Please test them with orange juice and report back.


Is that even a word?

Why not just get a pack of those re-useable plastic straws that you get for kids - curly ones with loops etc?

I think the real solution to the sogginess issue with the paper straws could be overcome by simply coating the straws in some type of waterproof material. Perhaps a carbon based polymer of some sort. :grin:

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My home is one of simple purity. I drink only water.

(This is actually true. Well I drink other things as a treat, but I don’t have other drinks in stock at home.)

I did wonder myself, actually.

Because I’ve seen the videos of the sad animals. And they’re banned at AK. As in the bag check people would confiscate them. I think.

I’ve found metal straws with special tips on them that insulate them from becoming too cold on your lips.


It was my delicate fingers that took the brunt of the agonising pain.

But when kids throw them into the water, I’m thinking the metal ones will also be bad for the animals.

I think you’re using straws wrong. I don’t hold them in my fingers while drinking.


I like to play with the straw and choose which part of the milkshake to suck on next. It’s fun.


Matt - there is no other way to drink a milkshake! :slight_smile:


Then you need to wear gloves. There’s no other way.

I’m not sure they would confiscate the re-useable ones would they?,If someone actually needs one to be able to drink, they would allow them in.

In the heat and humidity of Florida? You’re insane, surely?

Though maybe the icy straw would be a blessing?

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My bad. I missed that word when I read your post.

Fine. I order to coddle your delicate fingers, i have invented a new product: straw coozies. Much like the ones that go on bottles and cans, they will be a neoprene rubber that fits snugly over the part of the straw you hold. Available in a variety of colors.



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That’s a million dollar idea.

patent pending

It’s an American thing. We can make up words too!