I'm Wilting from Planning & FPP is Opening

My 60-day window opens this Wednesday! :joy: Since we are staying offsite but at a hotel with Disney perks, we will have to get up 7 mornings at 3:50 AM our time for FPP. Praying that we will not have another Pacific Gas & Electric Public Safety Shutdown in the next 9 days! This is our 2nd trip to WDW. Last trip was in 2012. I’m nervous :grimacing: and doubting myself after months of lurking and asking questions here. Please help.

I’m outlining our TPs and highlighting the stuff I’m nervous about as questions.

We will be in MK two days, Sunday, December 15th and Saturday, December 21st. Here’s the outline to my TP for MK on the 15th, a party night, ahead of FPP:

  • I’m hoping for FPP at 9:30 AM for BTMR, 10:30 AM for PPF, and 11:30 AM Space Mountain.
  • The kids have a PPO at BOG. Hopefully, 7DMT will be operational and they can get on before the RD crowd. They may go on twice.
  • If the kids don’t do 7DMT twice, they will head to BTMR (It’s their favorite ride.) after 7DMT and ride 2-3 times on hopefully short SB and then use the FPPs. DH and I will meet them at BTMR.
  • If they do 7DMT twice, DH and I will RD 7DMT. Then, we will head to BTMR for FPP and/or SB.
  • We will catch some short lines in Fantasyland on the way to PPF for FFP.
  • After PPF, we will catch some more short lines in Fantasyland as we head to Space Mountain for FPP.
  • The remainder of the day, we will work around what FFPs are available and what lines are short.


  1. I’m not sure I can get FPP for BTMR or PPF in the morning. Dibbs has been showing availability in the PM. Should I grab the earliest times available for BTMR and PPF and try to modify like crazy leading up to our trip?
  2. When should I finalized my TP? I have evaluated the above plan in more detail in TP and with ideal additional FPPs. We will finish by 6 PM. Leftover rides and shows, and gawking will happen on Saturday.

We will be in AK for EMH on Monday, December 16th for RD. Here’s the outline to my TP for AK ahead of FPP:

  • I’m hoping for FPP at 9 AM for Navi, 10 AM for EE, and 11 AM for Kali.
  • We are RDing for FOP at EMH, maybe riding it twice? And then getting SD for Navi before FPP.
  • Along the way, we want a FPP for Dinosaur.
  • Family loves EE. If the SB lines are short, we may ride it 2-3 times.
  • We want to do Meet & Greet in Dinoland, catch Finding Nemo, It’s Tough to Be a Bug and Otter Grotto.


  • I’m not sure I can get Navi in the morning. Dibbs has been showing availability in the PM. Should I grab the earliest times available for Navi and try to modify leading up to our trip?
  • Does anyone think we can get on FOP 2x during EMH? Or should we hope for a second ride using SDD? I was hoping to ride FOP and Navi twice since we have never ridden them. I was also hoping to get all the Pandora rides done in the morning to minimize having walking back with SDD. I do plan to return to Pandora after dark for dinner and gawking.
  • Is ROL worth it? ROL seems very mixed. We’ve never seen it. People say that it we may have to stand in land 45-60 minutes, even with a FPP to get in to see ROL. I don’t know if we want to waste 45-60 minutes waiting to get in to see it. We love AK for the ambience and food :heart_eyes::yum:. And we will only have 1 day in AK.

We will be in HS on Wednesday, December 18th. If HS has EMH that day, we will be there. We have tentatively allotted Friday, December 20th for HS also. Nobody knows what’s going to happen with the second ride tentatively scheduled to open on December 5th. What a mess of a TP for close to Christmas! But here’s the outline to my TP for HS on the 18th ahead of FPP:

  • I’m hoping for FPP at 9:30 AM for VOLM, 10:30 AM for ST, and 11:30 AM for TT. They seem doable.
  • We are RDing for TSL, SDD, TSM, and meet and greet.
  • The VOLM is just a throw away.
  • We also want to ride, RNRC, and maybe both of the new rides in Galaxy Edge. We do have an Oga’s reservation at 2:15 and a Story Book Dining reservation at 8:15.
  • TP says if we do SB for RNRC and Galaxy Edge rides, we will end pretty close to 7 PM.
  • If we do Fantasmic, Star Wars Fireworks, and anything else will have to be done on Friday.


• Are there normally RNRC SDD?
• I just feel like we aren’t necessarily doing much in HS for the time spent there.

And I haven’t decided if we will do MM with all the PhotoBox issues. I know real people have come back but I’ve also read that real people will be temporary until Disney fixes the algorithm to the photo boxes. We did MM in 2012 and loved it. But we actually loved it for the borders and stickers and not necessarily for the pictures. I understand that the borders and stickers are no longer available. You can weigh in on this matter, too. TIA, everyone!

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  1. Yes, that is how I would handle it.

  2. Each time I change a FP time or TP releases a CL update I check my plans and either Optimize and Evaluate. Then a week before my trip, I go through everything a final time, make a few tweaks, and Evaluate.


I think the same way about my current HS plan. I suspect that is common now with the new tiering system and expected wait times in SWGE and TSL.

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You can try to get Slinky Dog to give you a ride over to AK, but it may be tough to get him off his track :slight_smile: I know what you meant and don’t know the answer since I have not done EMH at AK.

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I used to consider DHS a one day park - at the longest. Now, with the tiers and TSL still being crowded + SWGE it’s become a solid 2 day park.

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oh @stlouie I was just wondering where you’d been.

I’m sorry this is so stressful. I wish I had solid data but I have no experience that time of year.
Praying for peace for you.

If you had WDW perks, why do you have to get up every day for 7 days? Since you are in a place that has the 60-day rule, can’t you do all the days at once?

No because that’s an onsite perk.

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i did NOT know that! I am so glad now I didn’t find partner hotel. I had no idea. I had toyed with the thought vs the campsite and rental house.

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Yes it’s not as big an advantage as you’d think - you’re probably not getting FOP or SDD.

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I didn’t know that either. I’ve booked 60 day FPP for “Good Neighbor” hotels all at once. I didn’t even know Disney offered it to offsite locations.

I’m confused. And derailing @stlouie ‘s Thread. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It would be fabulous if Slinky Dog could fly me over to FOP but alas…


What do you mean? If you had 5 days, you did all 5 days of FPP at 60 days?

We are most likely not getting FOP, SDD, or 7DMT at 60-day. We do get FPP at 60 days for each day, as I understand it. And we get EMH and its EEMH variation, if available.

We are staying on hotel points in December. Our entire housing for 15 nights is free (5 nights at the Hampton Inn at LBV and 10 nights at the Hilton at Bonnet Creek). Free housing allows us to stay longer and do more.

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I’ve been lurking around. Without much WDW experience, I don’t have much to offer others. Busy with a new project at work, helping my close friend with her son’s wedding happening this weekend, assembling my TPs and moving things around, moving my kids back to college, and ministry work.

I think you are on your final countdown. I’m excited for you! Enjoy making memories with your precious family.

Thank you! Prayer does change things.

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I don’t know about the Hampton Inn at Lake Buena Vista, but the Hilton is listed as a hotel on this list.


Plus, if you are staying at a Disney Resort hotel, Disney Springs Area Hotels or other select nearby hotels, you can make your FastPass+ selections up to 60 days prior to check-in for the entire length of your stay. And the best part? There is no extra charge for this complimentary benefit.


Hmm. I’ve never stayed at one but I’ve seen people say that they had to do them one day at a time at 60 days. Maybe they were having weird glitches and should have been able to do them all at once. Sorry for the bad info!

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Yes. I did this exactly 59 days ago for my boss’ trip. (She leaves in the morning!) She is staying at Resort B… a "good neighbor " hotel at Disney Springs. I booked all 5 days the same morning.


I also booked all days of FPs at 60 days from check in at Holiday Inn Disney springs. What is this good neighbor hotel with 60 one day windows?


But I can’t seem to find the information anymore that says good neighbor hotel guests make FPP one day at a time at the 60 day mark. For ADRs, I could only do it exactly at the 180 day mark. We (all 4 of us) woke up at 2:50 am on three mornings.

But if I can do 7 days of FPP on day 1, that will be a game changer! I can sleep 2 more hours the remaining six days.

I will let you all know what happens after Wednesday.