I'm Wilting from Planning & FPP is Opening

We will not be in the parks using regular tickets on the days we stay at the Hampton. So we didn’t need a hotel with Disney perks for FPP at 60 days. The Hampton is cheaper in cash and in hotel points. Therefore, we will be able to stay all 15 nights on points.

We are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in WDW. That’s why we will be arriving 5 days before the kids. We’ll do MVMCP twice, stroll around the resorts, and stroll around Disney Springs to eat. I hope is will be relaxing.

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I thought I read somewhere that I would have to make FPP at exactly 60 days for each park day instead of making everything at 60+7.

Can anyone help me with this?

And can I have some thoughts on this!

Here’s one of my favorite blogs about RD / EMH strategies. This particular one discusses an 8am start time. (According to WDW that will be the time for EMH the date you are there.)


I had no trouble getting PPF, Space Mtn, and BTMR in the time slots I wanted and I’m going during a high crowd time too (Thanksgiving week).

You should be able to book all your FPs at your 60 day window.

Check that your resort is properly linked in MDE. So when you click on the resort info, it should give you the details of your stay.

Sometimes there can be problems with this; so when people try and view the resort info it gives a message like “we are unable to find your reservation at this time” - or similar.

Assuming it’s linked, then you should be able to book for all days at once. Which will make life easier.

  • Put FoP and Slinky as late in the trip as possible
  • book the FPs in order of difficulty
  • you don’t have to complete one day before moving on to another
  • depending what times you can get for the “hard” ones (including 7 dwarves mine train), adjust your plans around them.

The DS hotels are not counted as onsite hotels, so a split stay with a DS and onsite resort does not open up one continuous booking window.


Not a chance. When we did 8am EMH, we arrived at 6.50 and were off the ride at 7.58. The wait at that time was 2 hours.


You’ll hear a lot of lovers and haters on this one. We were the haters.

We had the TH ROL dining package so “preferred” seating. We were smooshed in like sardines on stone benches just like everyone else. View was good and we only had to arrive 20 minutes before the show.

Honestly, if we hadn’t been hemmed in by families with babies in their laps we would have left during the show. It’s a lot of projections on water and music. Not really very captivating.

We will skip it this time and see Pandora at night or ride Everest a few times while everyone is watching ROL.


Remember you can get three FPP on your party tickets. You can enter the park at 4:00 even though the party starts at 7. Most people book FPP for 3:30, 4:30, and 5:30. 5:30 will be latest FPP you can get as park closes at 6:00.


:slightly_frowning_face: SDD it will have to be.

Thank you! I’ve read it twice and some of it sounds a bit Greek. But I’m sure it will be crystal clear when we will be surrounded by the mass of humanity!


Since booking the Hilton in April, my family has dropped off twice from MDE for the Hilton reservation. I was still linked because the reservation was in my name maybe. One time, I was able to link everyone again. The second time, I tried several time for weeks but couldn’t link everyone back. I finally had to call Disney and the CM linked everyone. She says that if for whatever reason it unlinks again, I will still be able to make FPP for everyone at 60 days. But they will not be able to make FPP for themselves nor can their FPP be different.

I just checked MDE. Everyone is still connected to the hotel reservation!

The CM is correct; as long as you can see the reservation you’ll be fine (assuming you aren’t splitting into groups for different FPs).


Thank you, thank you all for your help!

I was able to book all 7 days of FPP with my Hilton stay. Go figure. I couldn’t do all my ADRs at 180 but I was able to do all my FPP at 60.

I got 7DMT and SDD. Most of the times are good, except SDD at 5:35 on day 4. If we RD it, I may give it up for another Tier 1.

Since AK was Day 2, no FOP FPP was available. Our AK day has EMH. I will use the suggestion provided by @darkmite2.

I already started modifying them! Modifying is so addictive. I think I will wait until after they revise December park hours to tinker with my TPs. That gives me way too much time to keep modifying!


Yay! Great that everything worked out!

60 days from check in FPs and EMH are perks announced for Disney Springs hotels, but early access to ADRs are not. I do find surprising that Disney IT bother implementing this.

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woohoo! So glad it worked out. Definitely keep modifying. You never know what you’ll find.

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The easywdw blog was for an 8 AM EMH at AK over Memorial Day weekend this year. We will be in AK on an 8 AM EMH day, Monday, December 16th. He RDed AK. According to the blog, he rode FOP and then Navi twice by 8:35.

  • FOP: 7:35-8:05

  • Navi: 8:06-8:19

  • Navi: 8:20-8:35

When I put an FOP rope drop into TP, it is telling me it’s a 81 minute wait! What am I doing incorrectly in TP?

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You’re not doing anything wrong. The TP algorithm is assuming you are arriving at 8am, by which time the wait will have built to 81 minutes.

I think some people have found putting a meal break for 8am at Satulli can work to indicate you will already be there.