I'm not panicking, you're panicking!

I am 9 days out from leaving for Florida, and since I am in a complete panic due to all the things I have to do between now and then, this seems like the perfect time to start the trip report that I’ll probably never finish.

Who: Me (40), DH (42), DMom (69), DAunt (70), DS9, DS7, DD4, and DD15mo

What: A redo 40th birthday celebration for me (my birthday was last April, but I opted not to take the trip to Disney because enough stuff was not back yet) and a 10th birthday celebration for my oldest. He will turn 10 on 3/12.

Where/When: 2/26 - 3/1 at Lego Land, 3/1 - 3/5 Poly, 3/5 - 3/9 AKL-J, 3/9 - 3/15 YC

Why: Umm, because it’s Disney?

How: We are flying from DFW and will rent a van for the duration of our trip. DA is mobile, but not Disney mobile, so will need an ECV. DH had back surgery a few months ago, so he will have an ECV just in case the walking gets to be too much. And we’ll have a double stroller. I am not trying to mess with all that on Disney busses. So van. And monorail, boats, and walking where applicable.

So, why am I panicked? Well, I only have touring plans for 2 out of our 10 park days. I’ve never been to Lego Land and have no idea what to expect there/how to tour/etc… Genie+ seems incredibly hit or miss. Crowds are probably going to be out of control. I’ve barely started packing. I have a bunch of deadlines for work and our new business before we leave. My mom just had shoulder surgery 3 weeks ago so she’ll be in a sling for the duration of our trip. I feel like I made some ADR mistakes and it’s too hard to fix them now with such a large group. I haven’t even begun planning which matching shirts to wear which day. In fact, neither of the sets of shirts for Lego Land have even arrived. And the other 40 new shirts I ordered for this trip still haven’t been washed. And I always dread the whole airport/flying experience with 4 little kids. So yeah, my right eye won’t stop twitching.

Anyway, here is a very loose breakdown of my daily plans:

Saturday 2/26 - travel day, our flight doesn’t get in until 8pm, no idea what to do about dinner
Sunday 2/27 - Lego Land Park, dinner at the buffet, Creative Workshop in evening
Monday 2/28 - LL Waterpark and Peppa Pig Land, dinner at Skyline Lounge, Creative Workshop in evening
Tuesday 3/1 - we have LL park tickets if there are any must do’s, otherwise, packing up and heading to the Poly, explore the resort, swim, hoping to get my whole crew into Trader Sam’s for snacks/dinner, watch fireworks from beach/CL lounge/room
Wednesday 3/2 - HS 11 - 4, lunch at 50’s Prime Time, back to Poly to freshen up, grab dinner at CL lounge or Captain Cook’s, walk/monorail to MK, Extended Evening Hours
Thursday 3/3 - Celebrate my birthday! AK 10 - 3, back to Poly to freshen up, MK 5 - 10, dinner at BOG, After Dessert Party
Friday 3/4 - Resort time, HS 4 - 9, dinner at MM
Saturday 3/5 - Pack up for transfer, head to DS, lunch at City Works, Lego Minifig Build, get settled at AKL, date night for me and DH at Morimoto Asia (I had Bull and Bear booked, but cancelled because I didn’t want to have to bring fancy clothes. I am now regretting that decision. But, my husband loves sushi, so hopefully it will all be ok.)
Sunday 3/6 - Breakfast at Boma, AK 2 - 7, dinner at Y&Y
Monday 3/7 - Explore the resort/swim, EP 3 - 11, early dinner (still lunch menu) at Space220, Extended Evening Hours
Tuesday 3/8 - Typhoon Lagoon, possible another date night, I have Topolino’s booked
Wednesday 3/9 - Fairy God Mother in Training doing a surprise makeover for DD4 in room, check out, drive to Contemporary, valet for the day, lunch at Steakhouse 71, MK 2 - 10, dinner at CRT, Extended Evening Hours, very late settling in at YC
Thursday 3/10 - Stormalong Bay! Cabanas rented! Dinner at Trattoria al Forno
Friday 3/11 - HS 11 - 3, EP 5 - 9, graze at F&G booths
Saturday 3/12 - Drew’s Birthday!! Breakfast at Chef Mickey (valeting at Contemporary again), MK 11:30 - 3, back to YC to park van, HS 4 - 9, dinner at Sci-Fi…some fun surprises for the birthday boy throughout the day :heart_eyes:
Sunday 3/13 - Stormalong Bay again with cabanas, hopefully dinner at Geyser Point and then MK Fireworks Cruise with friends from home
Monday 3/14 - I’ve got another cabana rented at Typhoon Lagoon, so we may or may not do that, EP 5 - 11, dinner at R & C, Extended Evening Hours
Tuesday 3/15 - AK 8 - 2, airport and home

We are not rope droppers, it’s just too stressful with my crew. We’re night owls at home, so I’m not too worried about the late-ish nights. I will spend the mornings trying to stack LLs. I’ll purchase ILLs. I, like so many others these days, am hoping to slow down this trip. I intentionally only got us 10 day tickets instead of APs so that we would be forced to have some days not in the park. We’re staying at some really great resorts and I want to take the time to enjoy them.

I am so stinking excited and so ridiculously stressed all at once!


It’ll all come together and you’ll have a fabulous time!

Happy belated 40th :partying_face: (fellow '81er here)

Have a super trip.


You have great plans! Don’t stress. I love that you aren’t RDing and are staying in the parks late.


Thanks! And to you!

I’m actually hoping they extend the hours even later!


That’s definitely possible.


Sounds like a great trip! We are staying CL at the Poly in May, I can’t wait to see what you think of it since the reopening.


I keep scouring the internet for a review since they reopened a couple of weeks ago, but no luck so far!

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Me too! I hope it is better than ever! Have an amazing trip, I can’t wait to read about all of it :slightly_smiling_face:

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I had to laugh at this bc I get the same way. It’s my tale tell sign something is amiss. My mom will notice and start with the “what’s wrong?” line of questioning.

I’m so jealous of your nice long trip. It sounds fabulous and like an excellent way to celebrate those milestones.


I tend to be pretty tightly wound in general, so when the twitching starts, I know it’s bad!


Same. I would volunteer to help with laundry if I was near.


I wanted to do this also but ended up doing a 39th! Was scared of the crowds for the anniversary last year. (Nov. 2nd) But my next (planned) trip is at DH and Is 20 yr anniversary. I might make him marry me again at WDW :upside_down_face: he’s already done it twice, 3rd time for good measure

The official trip is a bday celebration for GDS’s 2nd!

Bring snacks for the rest of the plane, they will love you and forgive any child related grievances :joy:

Fast food at the airport, preferably something that will keep the littles happy

Swoon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

3/3 I love when this happens! Happy early bday, im sure ill tell u again in case you forget :upside_down_face:

Yay!!! Happy bday, gonna get you a cane🤣 but seriously how is a birthday not great at Disney

I relate to this soooo much. You are much more on top of it than me! You got this. It will be magical!


It is 100% my plan to do a vow renewal at Disney for our 20th! :heart_eyes:


Well I might add he will know none of it :rofl: we eloped the first time (i mean in my SILs living room with about 10 fam members) rest of fam wasn’t having it and planned and paid for a second one (i was so nervous, I hate dresses and people staring at me but what was he gonna say… no :rofl:). We always joke about he married me twice, whats one more!


And now on to research how to do this in Disney. Now that I put it in words (way just toying with the idea before) it’s happening :grin:


We just celebrated 10 years and I’m already waaaaaaay down the rabbit hole planning the ceremony!


That was the part I hated, lol. We had his and mine little bitties at the time and I just wasn’t interested. Now, I’m in a different place. Maybe Ill put some good effort into :grin:

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Oh gosh! I just realized you have 10 years to plan :rofl::rofl: hopefully it’s spectacular then!

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Can you tell me more about the Lego minifig build? Did you book this? I just looked it up and I think my kids would love it but it’s showing no availability indefinitely, is it just popular and all booked up?

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I booked it a few months ago, so it may be all booked up. I learned about it a few weeks before our last trip and it was already booked up then.

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