I'm left with more questions than answers

I’m hugely disappointed in the way all of this reopening communications have gone down from Disney. I feel like with so much time to plan this all out, they really could be communicating more with how things are going to be handled.

I have an august trip booked with me and my daughter. I have an annual pass and hers currently was up for renewal this month. Because it was going to be our only trip until next year, I wasn’t planning on renewing it. At the time I chose to get a refund for her days because of my plans not to renew ( I haven’t actually GOT the refund, just called to have them submit the form). Well now, I don’t even know if I can get a ticket for her in august. And I don’t even know if technically her pass would have been extended to include august and our trip dates. And I don’t even know if I can have them discard my request to cancel her AP because I think it was a “final” decision.
Also, what about those with reservations for dining inside the parks? No park hopping anymore? No fast passes? I don’t even know if I will be able to reserve a park with my daughter if she doesn’t have a ticket.
Its obviously looking more and more like this trip isn’t going to happen for us. Which is frustrating because like alot of people, this will be my second cancellation. Its going to be alot of tears from an already stressed out 6 year old. And now I can’t even look ahead to rebook.
I’m not so upset about the park hours, the masks and the park reservations… I figured that would be coming. I’m more upset about the lack of communication as to how all those people left in limbo are going to be. I’m sure you all are too. From what I gather, calling Disney hasn’t offered much either, as cast members have little information as well.
Has anyone had any luck getting their questions answered?

I feel like I’m in purgatory…anyone joining me??


August trip here too. Still debating what to do. Wife has AP/TIW expiring (well extended). Bought plane tix and I have date based tix. Not sure what we are doing.

But I agree. They gave some info but left ALOT in flux.

Yes, I have 3 week trip booked a year ago for September. Plane tix bought early Jan but as crossing the pond do not know if plane will be cancelled - payment due for resort an tiks due by 8 July so hopefully will know more closer to time. Have to contend with getting off island (Jersey) - currently emergency travel allowed only, then navigate any UK restrictions and then also US entry restrictions. Then on the way back a possible 14 day quarantine (may be mitigated by arrival testing)

I think what is being lost here is that the disclosure of information yesterday was unavoidable based on public record county meeting at which they HAD TO present their plans for reopening the parks.

Yesterday’s “release of information” was not intended to lay out all of the answers to all of the things for guests. Guests have been informed as a result of that disclosure.

Give them a few days. We’ve been “patient” so far. I believe all of your questions will be answered soon.


Looks like you had a typo. I fixed it. :wink:


oh i forgot about my TIW. Its set to expire in september, I wonder when that will be extended to

Well I did put it in quotes for a reason. :wink:

Yes. it should be.

The plan for TIW extension was the same as for AP. Add on # of days of closure to the backend

yes thanks, I will have to do the math on that.

which actually brings up a question: if TIW are accepted at disney spring restaraunts then would it be from the time DS opens, or the the park opens?

I think it worked out to 117 days per someone yesterday

Oh that is a good question. Hmm…

Yes, there are a lot of unanswered questions and I understand your frustrations.

However consider that we are talking about restarting a resort the size of the City of San Francisco that employs 77,000 people and has 20 million guests per year during the worst pandemic in 100 years.

I think they have done pretty good so far and we will have more answers coming in the next week. I would imagine the full plan will be out there before the July 4th holiday.


That was me.


I’m also thinking of possibly just shortening my trip, rather than cancelling all together. It would be easy for me to switch my flight down by a few days. That is of course if I can make sure my daughter has a ticket
I guess the uncertainty for me is also the reservation of parks. Will it be at 60 days? 30 days? when and how? these are factors coming up for those who have trips planned that are already within that window. I’m close. i have a few weeks before I really need answers.

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Hehehe…wanna hear something fun…Disney announced yesterday their opening date. I was booked for a trip starting June 17th. Obviously that is not happening now! I had also booked Early Morning Magic and H2O Glow Nights so was basically waiting for them to cancel so I could get my money back. Now it is 3pm on Thursday and MDE is still showing my trip, the hotels, the FPP, etc. I tried to call to double check about getting my refund. I think the cast member was confused because she said “ma’am you have to wait until Disney cancels your trip before you are eligible for a refund.”
Ummm…ok…I think the whole world now knows I am not going, but because I have personally not gotten the official email yet then I am not getting an assurance for a refund? sigh


The most disappointing part of all of this to me has been Disney’s lack of communication. As an out of state passholder, it is not as if I can just come down there whenever I want. I’ve already canceled my June trip over a month and a half ago, but it still feels pretty much in limbo as to what will happen with my pass, which I have only used for three days and have six months remaining on. I requested a refund based on current policy, but to me, since they are reopening with limited capacity, they shouldn’t be basing those refunds on the reopening date with limited capacity because clearly not everyone can come there and get into the parks. I know they are doing their best, but communication, particularly to APs, should be near the top of the priority list.


I’m pretty gung-ho to go on my trip July 27. The only problem is that I booked the recovery deal and so I cannot make any changes to my reservation, which is a bummer.