I'm getting permanently laid off 2 weeks after my 10th anniversary at work

Happy 10th anniversary to me today… cough

…But at least they gave me enough Prop Points to buy 3 $25 Disney gift cards. It all balances out… right? LOL.

It’s too bad… I would get 5 extra days of PTO starting this year… would have used them for Disney for sure. But I guess, i’ll just be free all the time soon anyway :wink:

Sorry for the weird post, not exactly Disney related.

How about, what should I spend this $75 Disney gift cards on?? (During my next trip)


Oh man. I’m so sorry to read this :frowning: That is just awful. Awful awful awful. And the timing…

Wishing you better days ahead.


Thank you! I’ve kind of come to accept it now. I’m focusing on trying really hard to find DH a full-time job. He’s only been working part time as an adjunct professor. So if that happens, I won’t have to worry too much. My severance is quite nice at least, 20 weeks of pay. So that will tide us over for a little while.


I’m sorry. That really stinks.
Sounds like your attitude is stellar and that says a lot.

Do you like Loungefly bags? That would be my treat. Or a fabulous hoodie/jacket.


I’m not a huge purse girl, but a new hoodie sounds good! The trouble is finding one I like. I always look but rarely buy one. I’ve always wanted one for Space Mountain, but have never really found a design that speaks to me.


I am so sorry!


what the actual hell…

Sorry to hear this.

Spend the $75 on a flight to Disney…then go…and start a business where you blog from there. So the whole thing is a tax write off. (I know, I know, I’m a fiscal genius!)


In all seriousness, I hope this is a very short term predicament.


Man, you really ARE a genius! It is certainly VERY tempting! I often contemplate looking at FL teaching jobs for DH so we can move right next to Disney.


While I’m a fiscal genius, a reading one…not so much. As I just realized DISNEY gift cards won’t translate so uhhhh “first day’s snacks?”

(nailed it.)


Ugh. Very sorry to hear about this…but I can completely relate. Last October, I was laid off after almost 11 years. I was given a good severance package as well…although, I also was told I could continue to work until December, so that was nice. I was able to look for a new job while working the old one.

Still, the time period was extraordinarily stressful, particularly since we had our 25th Anniversary trip in December. Fortunately, it was already paid for, so we were able to go regardless of whether I found a new job.

I’m happy to say, I did find a job, which I started in January…and it has actually been a good change. I went from a company that has future prospects not looking as good to a company that is doing really well at the moment.

Here’s hoping that both you (and your husband) can find the perfect new job!


Haha, that’s alright, I was so excited about the idea I didn’t even notice myself lol.

Yes, it would easily cover first day’s snacks for me. Maybe it could be our Dole Whip fund?

See, right there, is the type of good decisions needed and why this unemployment thing ain’t gonna last long

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I’m glad to hear you found a job you love! To be honest, while the perks of my current job have been amazing, I do not really enjoy the work. So maybe it’s time for a change anyway? That is my hope at least.

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Awww, thanks :slight_smile:

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so…cough…about this new business venture… ahem… you looking to hire? Cause…I know a guy. Eats a lot, though…soooo



Haha, I surely would need a second reporter if I were to start a Disney Vlog! In all seriousness, if we ever move down to FL, I WILL start a Vlog, and I will let you know asap if it becomes profitable and requires some new-hires!

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I’m not enabling…but I’m enabling…

florida housing prices are prrrreeetty good right now.



Hahaha, I love it! Our condo has actually more than doubled in value since I bought it… so… there’s more than enough for a down payment on a new house.

Only thing is my kitty is high-stress, and I’m not sure how she’d handle the 18 hour drive down to FL. She is my baby… so… i’d have to figure that out.

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hmmm that is a challenge. Got nothing for that (other than…i dunno, drugs). Maybe a long drawn out conversation? I’m sure the kitty will understand…and care…:stuck_out_tongue:

What type of job are you normally looking for? Another idea for the gift cards is just hang onto them and put them toward a ticket or annual p—actually, man, I just can’t get past they are giving you $75 and acting like it’s a “real gift” after 10 years

Man, F this company, whoever they are.


So sorry to hear this! As we can all attest to, sometimes when one door unexpectedly closes, another one opens that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. Sounds like you’re doing a great job of staying positive, which is sometimes the hardest part with these things.