ILL attractions versus Genie+ attractions - which to try first in the morning?

I’m sure it’s been discussed, but I cannot find it anywhere. So, forgive me for asking for a repeat.

At 7 a.m., I want try to get a Genie+ time for an attraction. I also want to book an ILL. Both for high demand attractions. And both may fill up fast.

Which one should I try first - the ILL or the Genie+? By the way, I did see a post about refreshing a few minutes after 7 as more slots sometimes open up after 7.


I think it was on one of the touring plan videos they suggested the following.
If you have 2 people capable of making the reservations have one do ILL and the other do Genie+.
If it is only one then you need to do ILL first.


If you don’t like the available return times at 7:00 because they are later than you wanted, just have patience and wait til these times:


I was traveling solo in late Jan 2022. For Studios, I always did slinky (genie+) first and then ILL for Rise.


Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.

Thank you for that now I get 11 min extra sleep


That’s some real Disney Magic right there :wink:

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I’ll take all the magic I can get, First trip in 4 years and I have to learn it all over again.