If you only had time for one meal (lunch) at MK


what would it be? TS or QS. (Is there a QS you'd choose over the TS's at MK?)


We really loved our lunch at BOG in Jan.


BOG has been our "go to" lunch in MK during our last three trips.


Honestly, the sleepy hollow fruit and nutella waffle. Might be light on protein for kiddos, but really wonderful.


Ok. I might need to give BOG another chance! What did y'all order, @scrapper1617 & @goofyfan13?


Awesome! I was hoping for an answer like this!


Our go-to is always Columbia Harbor House, especially by going upstairs and watching the people walking around Fantasyland and Liberty Square.


To date, lunch at LTT is hands down the best meal I've had in the MK. I say "to date" because I haven't been to BOG yet (planned for Nov). The only QS in MK I'll go to "voluntarily" is CHH.


I ordered the roast beef sandwich, DD19 had the turkey sandwich, and DH had the pork. I loved the roast beef and I don't usually like horseradish.


QS we vote for Columbia House, relaxing and quiet if you sit upstairs. And great healthy choices.


We have enjoyed the potato leek soup and the braised pork. Both items I was cautious about until I tried them.


@bswan26, what is your favorite meal at LTT?


We didn't love the food at BOG (except the cupcake!!) but we were all happy campers at LTT. DH says it was the best burger he had on the trip. I let my boys have the cheese sticks for lunch. They said I was their favorite. PLUS, free drink refills make people happy.


Thanks @emmyannttu!


My favorite place to eat is the Plaza. It is a relatively inexpensive table service shock makes for a nice break. As well as good milkshakes!


The hamburger. I'm a pretty serious burger "snob"; I refuse to eat any of the standard fast food fare, in or out of the World. The burgers there were hand-formed, thick, juicy, and served RARE when asked for - the way I like it. Hands down the best burger in WDW, on one of the better ones I've had anywhere.


Pot Roast and Oey Goey Toffee Cake at LTT


Is LTT CS or TS?? I'm confused. I would vote for BOG, too. We loved the roast beef sandwich and the potato leek soup. Onion soup only OK. I'm likely to try CHH on next trip because we have two MK days.




CHH is our go to QS. It feels like a secret little nook. Sit upstairs and watch the world go by.