If you had extra money in your budget, how would spend it?

I took a Disney survey after booking my room with the Sun and Fun package. It asked a question like this and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

How would you spend extra money in your budget?

Memory Maker?
More souvenirs?
More table service or character meals?
Flight upgrades?
An extra day at the hotel and parks?
An extra day at just the hotel?
Dessert party?
Pirate cruise?
Save it for the next vacation?

I’d save it, though that’s not the answer Disney wants! From the UK we get memory maker and park hopper included, our tickets are a standard length so you can’t add a day, we get free dining most of the year rather than room discounts. And I won’t pay for extras. It makes me mad that they are reducing the experience for people who have paid a small fortune for tickets so that they can sell EMM and DAH. I would do a Christmas party though if I was there to be honest. No interest in Halloween.


All DAH and EMM. Just may need a nap in the afternoon


Can I ask, was DAH not on the list?

How much are we talking? :slight_smile:

For a little extra, probably EMM or a fireworks party. For a lot extra, probably try a new, pricier room. (Villa at the Floridian, anyone?)


The list was a my own brainstorm and I always forget about DAH because that isn’t an option for the dates we have planned. Disney’s categories were broader.

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Probably not. The EMM events don’t really do much for me because they don’t cover enough of the rides/attractions I care about at this point.

Absolutely not! (We avoid Halloween.)

Doubtful. I mean, if we had it, we’d use it…but I wouldn’t pay extra for it.

Most likely not, although it would depend on how tight our budget was. We don’t buy a LOT of souvenirs. But if our budget was super tight, and the souvenir budget was low, I might supplement it.

Not character meals, but I might consider adding in a table service meal or two, since food is always the most expensive part of the trip (apart from accommodations and tickets.)

We drive, so nope! :slight_smile:

Yes. This is the one I find myself doing most often. We’re going 5 days…why not make it 6? Or 7? That’s even better!

I actually just did this (well, in our case, an extra day at our rental house) but didn’t add a day to the parks.

Possible! Very possible.

Nope. I mean, it might be fun and fine…just no interest. Not really into pirates.

Perhaps…OR, saving it for something we want/need around the house.


When I have a little extra splurge money, what I’ve done so far are EMM and Dessert Parties (most often), the occasional cabana at the pool and twice Wild Africa Trek. The most worthwhile of those was Wild Africa Trek, but that was also the most costly.


For me MM is an absolute must so if I had extra money, I would have already bought it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dessert party would be my 1st thing and extra park day my 2nd. :slight_smile:

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I did love MM when I got it last trip, but with them going to not having human photographers, this doesn’t appeal to me.

I would most likely add a nice meal on a non-park day. Snow White at AP or Chef Mickey or such.

This is far most likely.

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Oh dear God. I’d forgotten about that. I’m afraid that will suck tremendously. :frowning:

EMM or DAH. The Christmas and Halloween parties. Dining packages with reserved seating for shows. HEA dessert party. We do a lot of these extras, they just make our trips more enjoyable now. Life is short, so we pay to do the things we will enjoy with no regrets. MM is included with my AP, but I don’t pay for it if I don’t have an AP.


Blockquote And I won’t pay for extras. It makes me mad that they are reducing the experience for people who have paid a small fortune for tickets so that they can sell EMM and DAH[/quote]

(not sure if I formatted that quote correctly–sorry if I did not!:P)
I totally agree with this. I feel like WDW in and of itself is already THE experience without having to make everything an add on.

If I had extra money for a trip, though–I would always use it to extend my vacation by another day. More time at Disney is the best splurge!


EMM, DAH if it’s an option, dessert party, MNSSHP


Most the time we prebook way before discounts are released then see what discounts release and compare. Last time we stayed same length and resort but spent the discount savings on a room celebration since it was DDs 1st visit. This time we upgraded to Poly since it fell within our budget.

Why would they ask that question? It sounds like “How can I squeeze more money out of you?” If you said you’d pay for FPs, they might go, hmm there’s a market for that.

The most I would answer to them is “deposit for next trip if discount was included”, much like the “placeholder” you can buy on DCL.

Otherwise, my answer to them would be that I don’t “do” WDW until I can afford the things I want.

Now, my answer to you all would still be the bounceback/placeholder, but also, if I had the extra days, I might like to do extra things, like mini-golf or a water park. We’re usually too exhausted to look at those things.


DAH for sure, and if my cat wouldn’t hate me, i’d add more days onto the vacation as a whole. (Don’t worry, Rocket gets a live-in cat sitter, but she misses us badly.)


I’m absolutely certain that’s why they are asking.


I agree they are reducing the experience. But I would be guilty of allowing them to continue this nonsense by purchasing DAH for fewer crowds. As a matter of fact if it is available in October, I will scoop it up!