Ideal 6-9 pm MK evening


My husband just gave me the OK to schedule an earlier flight on the Monday of my solo/friends trip in November. I had originally planned to leave mid-day on Monday, so I could get the boys off to school before starting my vacation, but he's blocked off the whole week at work, and is looking forward to working from home and being the go-to parent for the week. (I know. He's awesome.)

My original flight was scheduled to arrive at 7:30 pm on Monday. I was just planning to check in, eat something and go to bed, so I could start having fun bright and early Tuesday morning. I have a pre-RD CP breakfast scheduled for Tuesday morning, and will spend Tuesday in MK on my own, but only until late afternoon.

If I take an early flight on Monday, it looks like I could arrive at the airport at 3:40. I'm guessing I could be checked into POFQ and at MK between 6:00 and 6:30 pm. It's low-season, so the parks close pretty early, but MK will be open until 9 pm. Is 3 hours at night in MK worth doing? I'd have to get up really early to do the early flight, so I'm not sure if it's worth trying. It sounds very tempting though. This would be my only chance for nighttime touring in MK because the other evenings of my trip will involve meals with friends at DTD (Tues) and Epcot (Wed, Thurs.)

How would you spend the hours of 6-9 pm in the Magic Kingdom? Is nighttime MK worth the extra effort? Lure me over to the Night Side. smile


Wow, @SallyEppcot !! What a great bonus !! I would totally spend 3 solo hours in MK at night....try for a few FPP for your personal favs, and just soak it all in. I would go just for the night-time photo opportunities, and having some special solo time before the friends arrive. Have a blast !! smiley


Did you really ask if MK at nighttime is worth it??? Yes, yes, yes, it is SO BEAUTIFUL around sunset as the sky turns a pretty color, the lighting starts to come on, and it slowly gets dark, sigh. smile

(I am wondering if you have an AP and it's not going to cost you a whole day's admission for those 3 hours?)

Here's what I would enjoy... things that are pretty in that light, like Dumbo or Carpets, seeing the lights of Tomorrowland, Splash (or 7DMT) if you could get a FPP, maybe the Steamboat, Jungle Cruise... then watch the castle projection show and MSEP? Or just wander around with a nice snack... It really is a pleasant atmosphere. smile last_quarter_moon_with_face


Umm how much do you like wishes? Just for that I would go to the park at night. Also it means you have more time for Disney magic. Get a couple of fast passes and enjoy some of the outdoor rides that are so cool at night.

Go for it girl!!


Sounds great. I have a 4-day ticket so I don't think it will be expensive to add a 5th day. It looks like the price difference is about $13. I hope I can call and add a day to my ticket now so I can schedule 5 days of FPP. If not, then I guess the way to do it is add the day when I get there?


Call Disney I would not be surprised if they can do it for you before you arrive.

I would not change my other days of fpp plans. Worse case scenario there will be enough to do at night without fast passes.


I didn't actually enjoy the crowds of the electrical parade and Wishes with my family, but I might enjoy them solo. I'd probably rathe do attractions though.


And you could always try them from somewhere else too, like Wishes from the bridge to Gaston's, which won't be crowded... OR -- use the time of Wishes to get in line for something like 7DMT! smile


I just did a solo evening in Disneyland a few weeks ago when I was stuck in SoCal for an evening with nothing better to do. You will be blown away at how much you can accomplish in the parks when it's just you -- I logged 16 attractions in about 5 hours during the busy summer season -- and there's something oddly satisfying about having some time to do whatever you want without regard to anyone else's wishes or desires. Do it!


Changing your ticket now then booking 3 more FP+s would be a huge bonus. I say go for it. Big Thunder is one of my favs at night!!


Add the extra day on your tickets and go. Do not look back. You can take full advantage of the new FPP system.


I did it! I changed my flight, and I even saved $35 because the fares went down. I love Southwest Airlines.

Here's a new question. I changed my flight to one that departs at 7 am, has a plane change in Denver and arrives at 3:40. I'll have to leave the house before 5 am. There's another flight that leaves at 6:20 am, touches down in Dallas but no plane change and arrives at 1:30. Taking the flight that's 40 minutes earlier would gain me 2 more hours, but I'm not sure that leaving the house at 4 am is something I'll want to do. That's super early. Thoughts?


Never mind! I changed it again to the super early flight. Now I'll arrive at 1:30. Whee! It only cost $11 to change my 4-day ticket to a 5-day one. I'm all set!


You'll be ready to hit the sack by the end of the night, but adrenaline will get you through the day. Just please take care of yourself before: get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated, take probiotics, vitamins, etc. Exhaustion can wreck your immunity and make you more vulnerable to nasty bugs on the plane, park, in the hotel room. This happened to my DS the last time we left the house at 4am to go to WDW: he was sick by day 2. Perhaps it was a coincidence but take care of yourself anyway.


Ooo. Good point. I might use the 2 hours I saved to take a nap when I arrive, especially if it's hot. Luckily I'm a morning person. Plus, the day before my trip will be the fall-back time change. That will help.


SallyEppcot when are you going?


@rm1sw - Monday November 3 to Friday November 7 - My friends are joining me for dinner Tuesday night, and we'll spend Wednesday and Thursday together at Epcot Food & Wine. The extra hours on Monday/arrival and Friday/departure are extra solo gravy just for myself. smile


@SallyEppcot if you were going in Sept, I would say you could join me. But I am not going in Nov frowning


How nice of you! I hope you have a great solo trip in September. I'm really looking forward to my solo days. I'm an introverted curmudgeon at heart. As much as I love my family, it's going to be really nice to wander around without them.


Single rider line, the ability to do what you want when you want. Selfies.....