I want to go back to___________________

Couldn’t wait till April 2020. Going Oct 2019 :smiley:


Congrats on your countdown. Where are you staying?

Our favorite. POR hopefully Magnolia Bend, Magnolia Terrace. :heart_eyes:


Decided to get a couple AP’s. Let’s see if I use them on Oct 1 2019 and then again on April 14, and then again on the following August for MVT’s Labor Day Special (if there is one), that should make the max use out of them. Think that’s too many times at the House of the Mouse in too short a period of time? :crazy_face:


I think you know what answer you’ll get to that here!

Congrats on the shorter countdown!

My countdown for a 14 day solo trip to WDW for the 50th and all the new attractions opening between now & then is at 860. (Started at 945 after I got back from Orlando in April)

HOWEVER… my boss just now came into my office and told me I’m getting a $2,000 / year raise and a bonus in August.

I’m trying to be good and just keep to my plan, but I’m already looking at trips to either DLR or WDW.


Spend that $$$

I can do more days at WDW because the hotels & travel are way less expensive, but I’m leaning towards DLR :money_mouth_face::money_with_wings:

This will still keep the excitement about all the new happenings at WDW while giving me plenty of new things to try at DLR.

Oh my, well, I’ve only ever done WDW. But if you’ve been dreaming of DLR, then go for it! Of course, it might depend on how large that bonus is… DLR is indeed a more expensive vacation. As for me though, i’d do Orlando over and over!

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I know… right? Hotel prices are crazy in Anaheim!! I want to go to DLR at least once in my life. Plus, as much as I want to go on a trip ASAP, going in to DLR in 2020 could ease my wait for my WDW 50th Anniversary trip.

Oh well… if these are my problems in life then I don’t really have any problems.

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If you can arrange these trips all in a 365 day period, Try buying the AP as this will save you quite a bit.

Hmmm… I checked the math and it’s pretty close to breaking even. I would get AP discounts on items & such. I’d have to wait until 2020 to do this - which isn’t out of the question - as my WDW 50th trip is in December too.

I have a completely opposite view. DL is much cheaper for us, from airfare, to park tickets, to hotels, and food.

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Wow, really? Where do you live? We’re in Michigan, and the FL travel is so much cheaper. We can even get non-stop flights.

Washington State. Our plane tickets to FL cost anywhere from $400 to $1200 round trip, per person! I can fly to So Cal for about $250. Part of it is also that DL is a 4 day trip, and WDW (plus Universal Orlando) is a 12 day adventure for us.

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Well that’s a great reason for WDW to be a more expensive trip :slight_smile:

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I think the food costs are a lot different as well. We rarely eat table service in DL, there just aren’t very many of them and the theming is not there (except for Blue Bayou). There is a plethora of good quick services there, and that means much less food costs. At WDW we often eat table service twice a day for 8 days (I am a sucker for the theming, and some character meals). It is very easy to spend way too much on food at WDW, but harder to do at DL it seems.


I went to DL many years ago and frankly I was not impressed. Mainly because of the background of a number of square blocks in the center of Orange County. WDW on the other hand is Tropical and that Alone does it for us. Of Coarse price sometimes dictates and the closer you are to one or the other the better the choice. Personally we average $400 to $600 per person flying Delta from ND to Orlando Fl. Won’t fly any other airline out of Fargo because we have had nothing but problems with them. Here it is everybody to their own airline. :smiley:

WDW is much more expensive for us as well. I can drive to DLR, saving $500/person in airfare. Plus I only need to stay 3 nights rather than 6-7. I usually convince myself to splurge and stay at Grand Californian since it’s “only 3 nights.”


This is one of the reasons I tend to like Disneyland better. It is dry, low humidity, almost never rains. The Florida weather makes me crazy! So sticky, and rainy. The weather there can totally ruin your plans. No issues with that in sunny California. :smile:

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