I Tried…MickMick’s Solo Adventure

It’s the end of day two…it’s been interesting.

Me: a fabulous planning diva. I can plan a Disney park like nobody’s business.

Trivia…I’m a Mickey. Yep like the mouse.I’ve had this nickname my entire life. I answer to Mick, Mickey, and Mick-Mick (my brother came up with this).

Where am I staying: I’m at the JW Marriott Bonnet Creek. This is my second time staying here. I’m a solo traveler with no children.

Why? I’m on a quick four night/five day trip. I wanted to do my favorites and try new rides

Where? Universal (both parks), Hollywood Studios and Epcot

I’m here now, so why don’t I do a little bit of semi-live blogging?

Day One (yesterday):
I arrived to MCO after a 6:00 am flight. I didn’t check my luggage so I went straight to the Enterprise counter. I am an Emerald Aisle member so I prepaid and headed to the car.

I chose a Hyundai Ioniq which I’ve dubbed the Iconic Ioniq. As you can see I’m easily amused. This car is a hybrid and sips gas.

After breakfast at Keke’s and a quick stop at Publix for room provisions, I checked into the JW Marriott.

I checked out the room and immediately put on my bathing suit and trooped down to the pool. I had a nice little setup complete with umbrella, pitcher of water and my iPad. I read a really filthy book which was perfect! And I partook in two pina colada with rum floats :woman_facepalming:t5:

After four hours of poolside luxuriating, I went back to the room to get ready for dinner at The Boathouse.

I drove to Disney Springs. I am a loser because I circled several times in search of the Lime garage. :woman_facepalming:t5: Lesson: figure out parking BEFORE you leave for Disney Springs.

The parking gods rained down good karma because I got a primo parking space. I arrived to the Boathouse with minutes to spare. Fact: I’m a project manager. I HATE being late.

The Boathouse…Yum-my. I ordered a lobster tail, baked potato and a house salad. I also ordered a lemon drop martini (take note of this). Attentive service. Good food. Nice drinks.

From The Boathouse, I trekked to the AMC for the evening showing of Buzz Lightyear. Buzz is my boyfriend. So commanding. He’s like the Captain America of the skies :laughing:. That jawline!

By the time I arrived to the theater, I was sweating like a crooked politician taking a lie detector test. Like pouring sweat. I hate to sweat. Never fear…I had my trusty electronic fan (more on this).

Here’s the funny part…I teared up when the previews for Lightyear premiered. I was joyous when I learned it would premiere this weekend! I get to see Lightyear when I’m in Orlando! Kismet!

At some point, I fell asleep. I’m not even sure when I dozed off. I think it was before the first “to infinity and beyond.” I awakened at the end. I know the ending but not sure how we got there. Lesson: Early morning flight + Three Bevvies is not a great idea.

Judging from the applause at the ending, it’s a good movie. Will try again when I return home.

After the movie (:crazy_face:), I walked back to the Lime parking lot. But first! I needed to get a cupcake from Sprinkles.

Let me tell you…Disney Springs was crowded. But I feel like it’s always crowded. But the crowds were extremely thick.

I went to Sprinkles (which I think are usually okay) and ordered a vanilla cupcake. I made my way to the amphitheater and ate some of it. It tasted like it’d been there for ages. :unamused:

I looked around World of Disney and was completely overwhelmed. Sooooo many people! I’m always in search of ears, ornaments and nice treats for souvenirs. I didn’t find anything.

I drove myself to the hotel. I did do a little bit of driving around. Somehow I ended up on a super dark road to Celebration. All sorts of thoughts went through my head. Jason Vorhees. A great big alligator.

Scared, I turned around. Then I thought…

If you ever see me in a fight with a great big alligator, help the gator.

More giggles until I arrived back to the hotel. Again…easily amused.

Today’s topic (it’s after midnight and the genie plus ticket is purchased): MickMick’s Universal Adventure :unamused:

Must. Go. To. Sleep.


I’m gonna try for a boarding group for Rise: but after my Universal experience…I realize that I need to dial my expectations alllllll the way back.


Omg you are hilarious! I can already tell I’m going to love every minute of this trip report. That was a super busy day for your arrival day. Glad you found time for a nap :rofl: hate it was at the expense of quality time with your boyfriend. Hope you boarding group grabbing works out well in the morning!


Loving this report!


I have a friend who saw Lightyear tonight and said it was boring and to “not waste your time.” I was disappointed to hear that so I was so excited to get another perspective from you! But then …

I’m not sure if this confirms his report or not! :rofl: But this is a good sign:

Is that common at Disney Springs? Home field advantage? I hope it means my friend is a curmudgeon. I want to like this movie. :joy:


So now I’m dying to know about the Universal experience … :flushed:


I didn’t get rise but I got an early time for SDD. I really wanted to ride it. The 10:30 return is excellent. I have time to have a proper breakfast before heading to the park.

Today I’m wearing my favorite Mickey earrings. These are popular with the under ten set. I can’t remember the Etsy store.

When I return from the park, I’ll be back for the UO tale and the lessons learned.


I see Rise available on the app! They do pop back up for periods of time here and there.


Eight minutes until I can LL. Fingers crossed!

ETA…Got it! 6:00 boarding group…


Another bit of trivia…

I was the only girl to dress up as Darth Vader for Halloween. I identified with the dark side :woman_shrugging:t4:.

So frustrating that the houses were like “here’s candy for you young man.” Really?

This will be my first time on ROTR. I’ve wanted to see the Stormtrooper room since…forever.


Loving this! Hope the rest of your trip is awesome and looking forward to following along.


Ohhh, the JW is my FAVORITE! I stay there when I’m solo for shorter trips. The staff is fantastic. (I’m a Marriott girl, love their free breakfast. Lol)


Oh wow! I hope you love it! The first time I experienced Rise, I literally tested up at the end because it was so amazing.


same for me! love it.

enjoy your day today!


What is wrong with you? The free “breakfast” at the TownePlace Suites you made me stay at was awful. I ended up crossing the road to the Hilton where my better friend Jennifer was staying. They had Mickey waffles cooked to order.


Love those earrings!!!

Is your Universal report on a different thread??

Have fun at HS!


These are so cute! Also the standby line for Rise really goes pretty fast near park close if you want to ride again. The posted wait time will be overinflated. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Runaway railway. It’s so cute!

Same here.

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I had no idea it is difficult to find!


Can’t wait for you to ride Rise! It is incredible.