I think there may be more to life than Disney

I love cruising and I love disney. It was fun doing a Disney cruise, but it’s not just a lot of money, it’s a freaking ridiculous amount of money for a somewhat more enjoyable time.

I have had two Disney cruises and I do hope to do another, but when I can do TWO trips for the price of one cruise and I have a very small-to-moderate budget, I do the two trips.

There are two ways, I guess, you could look at this. But whatever when you decide, just own it. First, you could do MSC and decide if you like cruising. If you like it, at the lower price point, then maybe you could invest in DCL.

Alternatively, you could say, I know I love Disney, but I don’t know if I like cruising. This will at least make sure I have some fun.

I thing you can “win” Either way.


I was just thinking about you the other day when I heard rumors about the US border opening with Canada. I hope it opens completely soon.

As someone that has never been on a cruise, but has dabbled with the idea, I would pick the Disney one. From what people say, Disney is the gold standard. Disney is something I’m familiar with and comfortable with. Any anxiety I would have with doing something new would be managed by the strong comfort factor of knowing what to expect from Disney as a long time fan automatically built in. I know their customer service, I know their level of cleanliness, I know their quality of product. I’ve never been disappointed by Disney. That loyalty is what would make me choose them over another ship for my first (and potentially only) cruise.


I’m constantly tired but that’s because I struggle to sleep anywhere. I’m jealous of your sleeping ability!

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I’d switch in a heartbeat.


Me too.
I’m cheap though and I’d use the left over money to do another fun thing.

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I’d switch. You already know you like/love Disney. The question is, do you like cruising. The bigger ship with more options will be a better test of cruising.


I do get very excited about historical buildings and sites, and that’s just in Chicago! I can’t even imagine how in awe I would be in a country with real history.

But I’m excited to find out!

I’m not sure how I’d do on a ship with motion sickness, but I am very looking forward to start doing Adventures By Disney. As a self absorbed, naïve American (my words), I think I need the tour guide to tell me things like “It’s culturally disrespectful to thumbs up here” or “Don’t call the Supreme Leaderhosen a ‘sodding git’, it’s not funny and will get you a lifetime of hard labor camp”.


I’d keep it, and then book a different one for the next go if the borders don’t open.

You won’t know how to compare, if you have nothing to compare to.

That being said, there’s a reason we all keep going back, and it’s the CM’s, the inclusivity and the ability to be your authentic self. The overall kindness.

No one blinks twice at the 60 year old reduced to tears when hugged by Pluto. Take that same person and put them in line at a buffet on a different cruise and they get side-eye for grabbing two brownies instead of one.



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Is there a cure for FOMO?

The decision has been taken out of my hands. I can’t get childcare for the MSC cruise, so I’m stuck — ugh, I have the worst life — with the dumb Disney cruise.

There were arguments on both sides, as evidenced by the ones put forward in this thread. One of the things that worried me was that for the particular MSC cruise I wanted they only had “guaranteed” rooms left, i.e. I couldn’t choose my specific stateroom. For the Disney cruise I choose my stateroom pretty carefully.

I’ll stick with what I’ve got and we’ll see how that goes. But in 2022, the choice may be WDW vs. a cruise, and that cruise may well not be a Disney one. Well, maybe the new ship. Though, actually, I want something that sails from (and to?) the UK if possible. That’s the thing about these staycation cruises, though. I think they’re going to be a one-off. Future offerings may not be so convenient.


Disney usually had cruises from Dover to, um, places. Would that interest you?

I am not brand loyal when it comes to cruising. I go for dates/fares/ship features/ports.


Actually - the transatlantic cruises are fairly decent per-day with lots of sea days.


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They scare me. The ocean is really big. Cruise ships are really small. Also: Titanic.

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It would be a gutsy first cruise.


I’ve never been on a cruise, but this is my fantasy cruise - Dover to Copenhagen, with these ports -

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Tallinn, Estonia
  • St. Petersburg, Russia
  • St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Nynäshamn (Stockholm), Sweden
  • Riga, Latvia
  • Copenhagen, Denmark

Disney usually does a variation of this and every year it’s at a really inconvenient time.


I see the decision has been made, so I won’t offer my opinion on what choice you should make. I think I do miss cruising more than I miss Disney…its a tough call though. I’ve been on some of the big ships and some much smaller ships and you can get a feel for the Cruise Lines and the ships themselves pretty quickly. There’s such a variety out of tips out there too!


I’m late to this conversation but will chime in to say that I love cruise vacations and have done both Disney and Non-Disney cruises. It pains me to say that as much as I love Disney, my best cruises were not on Disney ships. Don’t me wrong, the Disney cruises were great, but part of that is due to the stop at Castaway Cay. For my vacation dollar and the overall experience, I think I’d choose the Royal Caribbean option.


Time for some therapy.

Regulars will recognise that this thread is very me. I even admitted to what’s at the heart of it, earlier: FOMO.

I’m going to blame the kind of brain I’ve got. The existence of a choice implies to me the existence of an optimum choice and I get driven to find that optimum choice. This sometimes leads to me endlessly changing my mind — which is, actually, more often, endlessly reiterating and improving the initial choice I’ve made to make it ever more perfect. Or it leads to me making no decision at all because I can’t find the optimum choice.

This website is simultaneously catnip and toxic to me. For example: the room finder. Honestly, I would prefer to have an allocated room in a resort and not know about what options there are. Because knowing that there are options compels me to find the best one. I know I’m not alone here in trawling through endless room reviews and photographs trying to find the best room in a resort.

I’ve made my choice: the Disney Magic. I made it however many weeks ago. I should stick to it. People endlessly rave and gush about Disney cruises. Let’s find out what the fuss is all about. I’ve never regretted a WDW vacation, or even a DLP one. Sure, we’re in COVID times, but Disney’s going to make it as Magic-al as it can be, surely?

If it turns out I like cruising, there will be many more opportunities to try other ships and other lines. And the time to figure out which is right for me. I was pressuring myself into making a quick decision to switch to another ship on another line with minimal research beyond seeing a couple of YouTube videos.

I often joke in restaurants when I see the menu that I hate choice. I kinda do. Lucky on this trip that, when it comes to the menu, at least, you don’t have to choose: you can have it all!


Are you a Libra? :rofl: Half kidding. I can definitely mire myself in indecision for the reasons you outlined above. I try to cut myself off at some point and just go with what I’ve got and then … and this is important … NO LOOKING BACK! Easier said than done, I know.


If you can’t tell that I’m a textbook Taurus, then I can’t help you.

My best decisions have typically been instinctive and made quickly: moving to the US, getting a dog, starting my own business.