I think Disney broke me (in more ways than one!)

Post trip thoughts.

I just arrived home this morning from my 7 day trip that due to a blizzard and cancelled flights, turned into a 10 1/2 day trip. To sum it up, I’m burnt out.

This was probably one of the top two worst trips I’ve had in the past 10 years. The magic just wasn’t there, and a lot of things contributed.

At first all things seemed to be going smoothly. I was assigned my room for 2 days at CR, and moved to a tower room (yay). The room was gorgeous but right above Chef mickey’s so it was LOUD. I’m not really complaining though, as it was a magical upgrade. The shower was amazing. Fast forward to day 2 at the parks- it was cold and rainy all day. The kids (mine and a friends) were freezing, we were freezing, and the lines were long. Right away I realized that it was insanely busy for this time of the year.
Day 3. Rope drop MK, head to space mountain. Lose my phone on space mountain. There goes the rest of my rope drop early entry time, because I spent it waiting at Space mountain to see if it was on a ride vehicle ( spoiler, it wasn’t), so off I go to a blue umbrella to fill out a lost and found. Interestingly enough, my apple watch was still connecting to my phone through the Disney WIFI so I was able to get texts all day.
Hubby is supposed to join us, and his flight gets delayed, then he gets moved to different flights, then another delay. We more over to BLT for our 3 night stay. I track my phone and its made it off space mountain, and up to the town hall. Next stop it goes to Disney springs lost and found.
Day4. HS day. This is the day I tried and failed miserably to use Genie +. Hubby was able to get ROTR (I passed). At 7 am I click on a 9 am SDD only to have it change to 7pm. No good, as we are having dinner at MK at that time. Get a TOT for 10:30. Proceed to only be able to get Star tours and Its a Small world after that. Genie + is a big fat fail.
Insanely crowded again. Cold and cloudy and thankful hubby packed up some hats and gloves for us.
Lines were not worth waiting in. Decided to go to DS to pick my phone up and meet hubby at LTT for our dinner. Eat, and find a spot on main street for the fireworks. It was crowded to the point where it was dangerous. As soon as the show started the person in front of me decided to record the whole thing on his phone, obstructing my view. Thanks!
Day 5. Rainy and cold again. The only positive thing was that this day was when MK closed at 4:30 so the parks were dead. Got to ride almost everything, but we were cold and wet!
Day 6 moved to Beach club. Studio DVC room was beautiful! Slept late before moving, then ubered over, and went to lunch at AK. Lines for everything were crazy. Didn’t ride one ride. had lunch then left after going to Rafikis planet watch. Hopped to epcot. Crazy lines there. Just walked around and saw some sites and rode soarin. The Epcot geosphere show is the greatest addition to the park!
Day 7. Epcot day. Early entry and straight to RAT. Line was almost 90 minutes. Then the ride broke down and we waited another 1/2 hr for it to be back up. IMHO, the ride wasn’t worth the wait.
Another crazy busy crowd level day, but we made our way around the countries and rode Soarin again. Skipped most everything else as far as headliner rides. Relaxed a little at the resort and let DD7 swim to experience the pool (first ever stay at beach club). Came back to room and showered then watched Harmonious. Despite watching from the bridge to France which isn’t the greatest view, we really enjoyed the show!.
Day 8. Check out of Beach club. Head to MK. find out at 2 pm our 8 pm flight is cancelled. Have to scramble to find a room, rebook, and figure out who can take care of the dog at home, hubby has to call into work, and I had to make phone calls to the school because our flight wasn’t rebooked until today (monday). Found 2 nights a POFQ, that was the cheapest room on property available. Have dinner than uber there. Spend the rest of the night in the room because we are mentally exhausted from the day.
Day 9 - Bonus day! Went to HS. Insanely crowded. walked through Batuu, did Star tours and Walt Presents, and the crowds were so insane we left and went to AK. Rode the safari, but alot of the animals were inside because it was 45 degrees out!! But did see the painted dog pack running around and mock hunting, and some giraffe closeups.
Day 10- bonus day. Freezing out again, I’ve worn the same pants and sweatshirt for days. Went to MK again. Insanely packed again. Got stuck on IASM. the ride closed and we got 2 free LL’s ( but couldn’t use them for space, PP, SDMT or JC). Went to thunder mountain and used one and then another on HM. Rode the Liberty belle to get away from people. Watched some shows, rode the people mover. Got pizza at POFQ then ubered to our hotel room near the airport. Barely slept and hopped a 5 am shuttle to our flight.
Got delayed at our connecting flight, but made it home by 1 pm today. Also in time to make it to work tonight.

Looking back, I don’t know if it was the stress of the crowds, the weather, or the whole vacation extension, but I am glad to be home and really perplexed at how this trip was.
I think 10 days was a little too many for me. Possibly because of the crowd levels, or maybe because we didn’t really get a resort/pool day because it was so cold. Or maybe because of the extra unplanned days of living out of a suitcase and the huge extra expense on my wallet.
I don’t know. But I’m a little disheartened. The LL/G+ had major impact on standby line times. And buying it every day is just not affordable to me. Even buying it one day and only getting a few LL’s for rides that aren’t even super popular felt like throwing money down the tube. And the crowds were just, stifling. They gave me so much anxiety. I miss pandemic crowd levels . I miss being able to see the little magical extras that you might not see when there are people everywhere. Cast members were great, and that person who found my phone deserves an award. But overall, the trip was “meh”. I don’t like to complain (oh wait, yes I do), but I’m really hoping that by August (our next trip) this feeling goes away (and crowds do too…) because I don’t want to not love Disney, and right now I just don’t.


So sorry about this parade of mishaps! It’s funny to me that cold can be just as disruptive to a vacation (if not more so) as heat, for all the complaining one hears about heat!

Honestly getting “stuck” an extra two days in WDW is a dream of mine, but I understand how stressful it would be if it actually happened! Glad you are home safe and sound now.


I am grateful that I bought DVC last year because it’s a lot less stress when you’re having a bad park day, because I know I’ll be back in 6 or so months. I’m ok with missing things, but I do feel like the amount we missed because of the crowds was excessive. As far as weather goes, I think it definitely played a factor. Its a lot easier in the summer to get sick of the crowds and go sit by a pool or swim, but when it’s cold there isn’t much you can do. We saw a lot of shows. We sat inside a little longer at meals and people watched. We did go see the DVC poly Bungalows which were AMAZING ! I only wish I had enough points for even 2 nights at those beauties!!



Sorry it was so no magical. That makes me sad for you.

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I had a lot of “are you fucking kidding me” moments.


I also don’t know how to blur that out, so sorry to those with sensitive eyes…


I like it. Leave it as is.

The sensitive folks can look away :rofl:




Oh please :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


But I’m :innocent::innocent::innocent:




I absolutely feel your pain. I’ve felt a lot of those same feelings on each of my trips since reopening. It’s not the same, is overly complicated, hard to plan, and then add excessive crowds or weather and it’s just… blah.



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I realize I may sound a little ungrateful. We did get to cross off “bucket list items”
so here’s a list of positives:
-did the DVC selfie challenge and got all 5 buttons
-finally tasted the beignets (more amazing than I could imagine)
-got to stay at beach club and contemporary
-rode the liberty belle- a first
-dd7 swam in the beach club pool
-saw Pandora at night and saw the tree of life awakening
-sang “The rainbow connection” while watching the ball light up to the music

silver linings…


My last full day at MK I was done. After just a few hours of touring I went and sat on a bench. Thought I was just annoyed with the crowds, but when I made it home I realized something. I was also annoyed by switching rooms and having to wait on an available space to hide from the crowds. I learned I don’t split stay well. If the universe would have thrown in weather and flight delays … Ugh!


I had a similar feeling when I got home from my trip over Thanksgiving. Genie and LL definitely made things worse for us the one day we tried to use it. But not all of it was Disney’s fault and I certainly can’t blame the cast members who are there for doing their best while dealing with incredible crowds, COVID protocols, and dealing with staffing shortages. Just a cumulation of things.

I basically got home and didn’t think about Disney (as much as possible) for a couple of months, but now here I am, getting the itch to go again. :sweat_smile:


We got snowed in at Disney once when there were back to back blizzards in Maryland. We were super strapped as my husband was just a medical student or resident, can’t remember, but the trip was already a stretch and the added 4 days or so were just crazy! We left WDW though- we went to Tampa, to a children’t museum in St Petes, to Cocoa Beach… stuff that wasn’t so expensive. Mentally I was prepared for our trip as planned and having it extended like that was actually pretty tough!!

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I was reading that and thinking the same. I’ve kind of always known a split stay was not something I wanted to do. MAYBE move once, but definitely not multiple times.


I’m so sorry! That’s a really tough way to feel after a vacation - like you didn’t really get what you wanted to get out of it.

I agree that all the hotel hopping sounds exhausting. G+ as a bust sounds really frustrating, too. Throw in unplanned days, and that is really a lot.

Posts like these are really pushing me to make my expectations low low low.


Thirded, I avoid split stays like covid (is that a saying yet?)

Sorry for OP having so many mishaps. The crowd situation for january is sounding more and more crazy and I don’t know what to expect from the future. I just hope this is a temporary glitch due to the pandemic, omicron and everything and we can get back to some predictability in the future


I’d be crushed. Make plans intentionally to try to avoid the worst crowds and get rewarded with historically bad crowds and weather (even for January), not to mention the exorbitant cost of staying onsite for 10 days.

At least you imply that you have had many trips in the past. Perhaps you for all the bad stuff out at one time. Bummer for sure.