I screwed up my APRs

So a few weeks back I chopped off the last day of our June trip, but forgot to shift my APRs back a day. I had wanted to end the trip with days at AK then MK. So now the last day will be AK unless I can change it. Problem is that the only available APRs for that day is Epcot (according to the availability calendar). I’ve heard that there could still be availability regardless of what the calendar shows, but I have to cancel my existing APRs to try and book the ones I want. I’m afraid that if I cancel to rebook, and the desired park is truly not available, and then try to rebook the original park again it will be gone, leaving me with no APR at all. Does that make sense? I’m going nuts from this stress. Thought I had everything ready to go and then I discovered this big goof up.

Ouch. That stinks.

If Epcot is more desirable than what you’ve got, go ahead and cancel and try to rebook.
But otherwise, though not your absolute ideal, I’d leave it alone.

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Honestly, the lack of availability is making me nervous about the crowds for my trip. I’m thinking about upgrading to park hoppers to open up some options for us.


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Yeah I just clicked through. MK and HS are sold out almost every day

The fact is, as people are reaching fully vaxxed status, and as kids get out of school for summer, I think this is going to be the reality. I continue to churn out ressies every week lately, most of those beginning this summer and going right on through to mid 2022 at this point.

Remember that “sold out” right now means 35% capacity. Two of my days this past trip were fully sold out (Sat and Sun) and on neither day did I feel it was crowded (except for Pandora at lunchtime on Sunday). Plenty of room to move, lots of open spaces, and lines that were very reasonable all through the days and evenings those two days. So 100% of 35% doesn’t feel bad to me at all.


Yeah I think it will be fine. But it also means I’m having to make a call about my HS/EP flex days. I have HS booked for 3 days, but plan to switch to EP if I can’t get a boarding group in the morning. Now, I’m thinking I’ll just need to book EP on one/two of the days and just gamble on getting a boarding group. EP is booking up way into May already. Don’t want to completely miss EP because I thought I could get a same-day APR.


Well I figured it was the case, but CM just told me there is nothing they can do on the back-end of the system, and the availability calendar is updated live. :frowning: :frowning:

ETA: Love that I spent an hour on hold, just to have a 1-minute conversation to confirm what I suspected.

ETA2: CM said she would confirm and put me back on hold. Going on 10 minutes now. Wonder what that means.


I had an APR for October 1 at Magic Kingdom. Sometime between about December 15 and soon after the first of the year that went away. When I noticed it I tried to get it fixed and went about as far up the chain of command as I could get. At each step along the way I was told that there’s nothing that anyone can do, that it is hardwired and there’s no way to move about capacity or restore some thing that disappeared. I’m still pretty salty over it but I’m probably just gonna cancel for October anyway

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I had the same issue. Going for just two days with DD21 on May 14-15. The plan was to do Epcot one day and her choice the other. Only, she couldn’t decide. So I booked one day at HS and the other at MK thinking we could drop one to add Epcot. But within days, everything was gone. Worst case scenario, we don’t make it to Epcot, which is not a tragedy. But we are going to ask GS at HS if we can maybe switch the following day to Epcot. We’ll see. As of now, all categories of APR’s are gone for 5/15.

I would for sure book an Epcot day now while you can.

I think Disney really needs to fix their APR system, however, so that your new APR cancels your old one. That way you aren’t left in no-mans-land if you cancel to book a different park and then are unable to do so. That’s a problem they need to fix.


I can see why you would be stressed. I’d likely keep mine to ensure I had something and adjust my plans. That said, it seems like they keep adding APRs every once in a while. I remember looking at May for a trip we had planned and everything was booked. Then a few weeks before the first planned park day it opened up again and all parks were available (except HS for a couple days). I think they set aside some passes for people who forget to book etc. and release them closer to the date. I would keep checking for your preferred parks.

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My mom just showed me an article that says Disney is about to start cancelling APRs that do not have valid admission attached. Some availability should be popping as a result of that.


Agreed. It should be a modify, just like dining, so that what you have is not released until you accept the new


How do people have APRs without valid admission? Is it just people who booked and then cancelled their vacation but not their APR? That’s something that should have been a thing all along, honestly


Yes. Or they changed the dates of their trips, thus their tickets, and never cancelled the APRs they had made. I’m pretty sure I’ve read people on here saying they made changes to their plans and their APRs never cancelled.


We paid for an extra park day just to have that flexibility. The $80 or whatever extra to bump park tickets from 8 to 9 days for our whole party was worth it to have a backup APR that we aren’t going to use for flexibility. Sorry to those people we are keeping out of HS that day, but we did pay for our spot.

I would think adding the extra day would be less expensive, too, than adding hoppers to everyone. If, of course, you have wiggle room to do that.

As demanded by DW…

Safe to say we are not adding a day to our trip, despite my best efforts to convince DW. :sob:

ETA: I was thinking about adding hoppers anyways because we’ll be at a Skyliner resort the first part of the trip. So hopping between HS/EP has been in my brain for a while. The value is probably not there for $270, but if it now means we can have our last night at MK then maybe it is worth it

You are right; it definitely is. We have hoppers but to me it’s worth it to have some flexibility to have another chance at ROTR if we didn’t get it or some of our party want to go again.


I’m sure I could find the answer quickly in the forums, but since I’m watching this thread:

  1. Is it correct that you can hop at 2pm and no APR is needed for the 2nd park? What about hopping to a third park? Wow I sound like a real noob all of a sudden…

  2. To try for 1pm boarding groups, you must have tapped into HS that morning?

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  1. No APR for hopped-to park(s)

  2. Yes, but you don’t have to physically be there. You can have gone back to resort or DS or whatever.


Just caught up! Oof!

Sounds like hoppers will be the perfect solution. Especially on the sky liner!