I really don't want to FPP Peter Pan!

I hate the wait times and the queue area of PP. The wait area is dull and cramped and hot. And I love the attraction, but don't think it merits a RD rush or a FPP. Do you think I could get away with 7DMT and then UTS and then running over to PP without much wait? I'm looking at a 5 crowd level day.

You will stand by 7DMT?

try making a touring plan and see what your results are

Yes, I was thinking RD run like crazy to 7DMT. We are 5 adults so I think we can run via SpaceM and avoid the A&E crowd.

Of course! Now why didn't I think of that @Jedilogray! Thanks!

It should work as long as 7DMT opens up within the first 10 minutes or so ( you must get to PP before 10:00.

Then maybe 7D, PP and bactrack to UTS? Oh the endless possibilities! I love planning!

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You're welcome! smiley

I'd go by the teacups. I don't think going by SM would save time. I would also do PP before UTS, because the wait for PP build faster I think and I agree that the queue is worse...

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I'd def hold off on UTS for last of those 3 its a fast moving que and doesn't back up as quickly as the other 2.


Agree with others, of those 3 rides I would do 7dmt then PP then UTS - PP queue def seems to build faster. I'd probably try and get Winnie the Pooh in after PP as well before UTS. Have fun planning!

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I agree with the others also. PP fills up fast and is a long hot wait. I would definitely do this before UTS. Before 7DMT we always ran there at rope drop on one of our MK days.

We love PP! We go there at RD and FPP it too! smile But I also refuse to stand in the stand-by line for it.

We RD PP then had FPP for A&E 9:30-10:30 then 7DMT 10:30-11:30. We liked that plan, worked really well for us!

I plan on getting a FPP for 7DMT for later in the day, and using RD for PP and Pooh, and then beating feet over to TL to hit SM and Buzz. It will be an AM EMH day, so I'm hoping to get this done in the first hour... My other 2 FPPs will be Splash and BTMRR, so I don't have to worry about the TL to FrL cross country event. Fortunately, crowds at a predicted 3 at MK that day, so I'm hoping wits, in general, won't be too bad.

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I was planning HM, PoC and Splash M for my FPP in the early afternoon. Rope drop and hit Not-so-new/NFL the first thing in the morning. I'm going to try this out in a TP and see if the systems tells me I'm insane. Maybe I'll RD PoC and HM, then FPP 7D, PP and Pooh... I'm glad I don't have to worry about adding A&E into the mix! Although I would love to meet her none of my party seconds the feeling sigh

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When is your trip? I personally would never FPP PoC or HM. I have found even with the new FPP system that has created lines at attractions that never had them, I can still find a 10-20 minute line at those two attractions.

I also would not schedule any of your original 3 fpp for POC or HM. When we were there in May, we added those as our 4th and I believe 6th fpp's of the day.

I'll be there June 6-14, 2015 with projected crowd levels between 5-8. Obviously I'll be picking a level 5 day for MK! But worrying heavily about the crowds.

Oh that's really good news @mjsmomma! Then I think I'll go FPP 7DMT, PP and SplashM