I might be disappearing for a while

It is painful to say this but I might be vanishing for a while from mail chat. I try my best to make others happy with pictures and such. And that is why it hurts to write this. But after being label as a cheerleader molster and now lines politics, i dont feel there is a need for a niter. I know there are many friends out there but all I try to do is nice and kind things and feel pain. I dont know why and can not change opinions of others. That is the best thing about the world is opinions. But that is why i might disappear. I can choose to be in places with negaive or choose to advoid them.

You have more friends around here than detractors my friend. You are a dear friend and no one can change that opinion I have of you. You do what you feel you need to do but I hope you stick around and keep meeting with people and doing what you love.


This is my first post in forum… I will miss your posts and pictures very much so sad that people can hurts the feelings of those trying to make others happy by his pictures. Hope I get to meet you when I am there next week or next May. I will miss your posts.


I love you enough that I have bravely come over to the forum to tell you so!!! please don’t let the negativity of some dampen your awesome spirit!!! It is my goal to meet you in May! There is a MK midnigher on May 30th!!!


@niter, if you are going to do a hair flip and disappear you should do it over in chat to see how many people will beg you to stay. then you won’t feel sad any more, well, maybe you will, but then at least there will be a public outcry.

Some people over there in the Chat just plain old suck. But you get to choose how you deal with it. Do you run away with your tail between your legs? NO! You get back in there and be even more NIterous!!!


I don’t post much in chat and this is my first time here. I love following along on your adventures to our families happiest place! I sure hope that you will stay so that we can live vicariously through your visits until we get back! Love all your pics:)


Hmm. the cheerleader thing was IMO just misunderstood humor. I must have missed the other stuff. Do what you need to do. I sometimes feel the same way.


Don’t go niter :frowning: You are one of our favorites! We had so much fun with you and your wife in the parks. I remember meeting you in line for one of the Star Wars people during the special May the 4th day. You were so nice and we didn’t realize you were a liner until a few months later. We also enjoy your pictures…it helps us with those Disney blues. Big hugs from one of your fans!


I missed whatever happened on chat but please don’t go! I will miss your post and awesome sideways pics:)


You and your kind spirit and beautiful soul are one of the things that made me want to be a part of this community from the beginning.

Don’t let the jerks run you out of town.

Stick around. You are much loved and so appreciated by so many of us…


Seriously, Niter, please don’t go. :cry: You are right in that you get to choose whether or not to remain where there is negativity but I wish you would see that there are way more positive people than negative and more people who love your posts than have a problem with them. I don’t always like what is said on chat (or anywhere else for that matter) so I try to stay away from the negative and ugly :negative_squared_cross_mark: stuff and go find the funny and/or happy :smile: thoughts. If you leave Lines how will Liners plan meet-ups with you in the parks? :hushed: Most of us do live vicariously through your visits to the parks and I especially enjoy the “Where are you?” “Let’s meet here,” “I didn’t see you there,” conversations and then the IG picture where the meet finally took place. :family: You have shared so much magic :sparkles: not only through your mail order leis :hibiscus: but also through your every day posts. Please don’t let a few ruin it for you. If you do - they win. Try not to let it matter to you that much. I know it’s hard but practice makes perfect. :wink: You will be missed if you decide to go, but at least lurk in both places, okay? :confused:


I missed the cheerleader thread (sounds like that was a good thing). Please dont go. You have such a fun and free spirit. Your pictures are like abstract art (and I mean that in the most positive way). You let me see Disney in a different way : )


Awe. I don’t really “know” you but enjoy your posts and pics. Some people are just too opinionated. Also I think things easily can be misread via chat/email/txt/FB. I didn’t see the neg post but hope you decide to stay:)


Please stick around. You are such a sweet person. I thought the cheerleading thread was a big misunderstanding. Did something else happen? Don’t let mean people make you unhappy. So many people love your posts and pictures. I truly hope to meet you and wifey one day.


I will truly miss your sideways pictures. :slight_smile: I hope you choose to stick around.


I missed it and couldn’t find it.

You are wonderful, as is Wifey.

Please don’t go, I LOVE when u r there.

Be strong.Be.U.b.Niterous​:heart::heart::heart::heart:


Gosh @niter, I never saw the negativity so i can’t tell you what I think its about, but I do know that you are a bright spot on Chat and Forum and I hope you will stay around.

I also think that we (I mean the Forum Folks) should take a highroad and I hope everyone will stop throwing stones about anyone anywhere on the TP site. (unless it’s a fly-by-night troll type. I think that’s fair game.)

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Hey, @niter, no idea what happened, but it always makes me so happy when you post, and it was wonderful to meet you guys in May and I hope to meet you again! If chat is too difficult right now, I know forum is harder on your phone, but you could always stick around here…

Whatever you need to do, know that we love you and APPRECIATE you too!!

Like @DarthDopey said above, you definitely have tons more friends and admirers here than objectors.

Love you guys!!!


while my neck won’t miss those sideways pictures (please rotate the camera!!!) you are truly an entertaining character and lines will be different without all of your posts!


Me too @Niter! it was those great sideways pics with you kneeling in front of yet another liner that made me grin from ear to ear. And then @MagicMN’s son calling you Uncle @niter was so sweet and well just about everything about your demeanor made me think this online community would be a fun and safe place to get involved.

Just want you to know :heart: