I may never understand why the line is so long for Peter Pan


Trinity is beautiful. We had the chance to visit it in November. What an amazing place to attend school.


A truly “modest proposal”…


I have thought the same thing. I prefer Winnie the Pooh slightly over Peter Pan … and Peter Pan slightly over Under the Sea … but the wait times for Peter Pan are very disproportionate. I wish WDW never removed Snow White’s Scary Adventure as I enjoy these dark rides.


I love PP at DL (I am a DLR regular), but we rarely ride because of the PP dash! I am fearful for my family’s welfare in that crowd. We were able to do it last year and we were relatively unscathed, but there not a lot of rides I would wait for that long, nor jeopardize my safety from elbow wielding toddler moms and strollers driven by demolishion derby loving dads! Seriously folks, the PP dash at DLR is no joke (well maybe a bit of one with the name and all :wink:).


Too funny


The two versions are generally similar in the sequence of scenes, but the WDW version is slightly more elaborate. When they did the refurb in DL they added a lot of cool lighting effects and plussed up some of the AAs - I hope that’s what they are doing in MK. Another big difference is in the loading; at DL each ship comes to a complete stop for loading - in MK it’s an omnimover with a moving walkway.


I didn’t even notice this!