I’m HERE! A trip report

Who: Jsanta26, DH and DD6
When: Jan 22-26
Where: CBR

I’ve very happy to be back in the bubble after months of hybrid schooling, staffing shortages at work, Dog injuries and expensive surgeries, and overall winter weather in New England.
I hope you enjoy my trip report!

Our check in date was last night (Friday). We flew out of Boston on a 4:40 flight and arrived at MCO at around 7:45. I don’t usually pick a later flight, I prefer the first one in the AM, but we wanted DD to at least go to school since she was actually In person that day. She informed me she let the cat out of the bag and told the teacher, vice principal and the principal she was being dismissed early to go to Disney :open_mouth: luckily they seemed to all wish her fun.
The flight down was ok. We flew jet blue and everyone complied with mask wearing. Our plane was an older one with not a many bells and whistles, and the TVs didn’t work at all (luckily we had the WiFi and tablets) DD6 worked on some lessons she will miss next week, and I tried to catch up on some TV. Oh and did I mention the plane I was on was called GO JETS ? It was painted jets green and had the JETS logo on it. As a lifelong Patriots fan I almost puked :sweat_smile:
When we arrived at MCO I was pleasantly surprised with the mask compliance. We headed down to DME and immediately boarded. Ten minutes later we were off.
Luckily, CBR was the first stop. I didn’t get my “you’re room is ready” text until almost 9 pm (it finally came when we were on DME). I grabbed my Instacart order from guest services and we headed to our room. I requested Jamaica room 4553 and that’s the room we got (thanks TP!) DD and DH haven’t stayed here before and they seem to like it so far. She immediately called “dibs” on the pull down 5th sleeper. My only complaints so far are that none of the built in USB ports work for charging, so we had to scramble to find our usb blocks and search for outlets to plug them in, and that The room I’m in is directly under the skyliner. It didn’t occur to me to think of that, but we noticed a cyclical humming outside every time a sky oven went by overhead. DH wasn’t happy about it, but the noise is really minimal in the room and you can only hear it if you listen for it. It’s good to know for future trips though.

So DD6 FINALLY went to bed around 10 pm, and we all tried to go to sleep fairly quickly. I work normally until midnight so a 10 pm bedtime is a bit tough, but I finally fell asleep. Fast forward until 5 am and now I’m completely awake :expressionless:
So I figured I’d get my trip report started.

This morning we have breakfast at Topolino’s Terrace and after we will be heading to EPCOT. My goal is to see expressions de France since it’s a bucket list item I alway end up missing. I have my food list of snacks I want to try and DD6 can’t wait for Soarin’ . I’ll post pics later!


Enjoy your trip!!!

Add that to the comments on the room finder in TP so others are aware.


Oh and just FYI, the skyliner started running at approximately 5:50 am :roll_eyes:


Wow that’s early!

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Can’t wait to follow!!! We are staying at CBR in June…good info about skyline!

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My DD would definitely do this, too! :joy: Enjoy! The weather is so nice right now.


I spoke too soon. The weather isn’t gorgeous at this very moment but it will be!


Thanks for the report! Enjoy your day!


Have a great day!

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Well after a long day we just got back to the Resort.

We started our morning at Topolinos’s Terrace. The food was delicious. DH had the spicy sausage hast and ate it all. I got two entrees to try. The quiche and the waffles. They were both amazing. The quiche flavors were delicious and the consistency good. Overall I’d Come here again for sure (and that says a lot for me since I’m kind of over character meals)

Next we headed to Epcot . DH was in that special group of people who could buy a new AP so he took care of that while we walked around UK to look for figment . Then we watched Canada far and wide. DD6 was itching to go on Soarin so we headed to do figment, Soarin, LWTL and the seas etc. she was getting a bit hungry so we decided to go back to the World Showcase. We grabbed the grilled cheese at pop eats. It was ok, but not worth the long line. Then we headed around and found figment until we got to Italy for our ADR at Via Napoli. Had some yummy pizza then finished the world showcase. Our last thing of the day was TT. Line was posted about 45 mins but took only a half hour. We still had time to kill but DD has been visibly tired all day so we wanted to get back for an early bedtime. It was a pretty good day overall except for the on and off sprinkles. I’m glad we all brought sweatshirts.


Sounds like a great day!

Good morning all!
Today is a MK day. I’m just sitting in the lobby waiting for our mobile order to be ready. I accidentally forgot to turn my alarm down last night and I think it may have woke up the whole resort :grimacing:
But I got some lovely pics of the sunrise

I also practiced for a BG for the big day tomorrow, and it looks like I’ll hopefully be successful :slight_smile:
More later!
PS no rain Forecasted today… wohoo


No BG for me today but I didn’t practice ahead. Boo. Lesson learned. Have a fun MK day!

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Beautiful sunrise! Have fun today. Your DD is so adorable. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks for sharing your trip with us! Our family flies JetBlue from Boston in 3 weeks for our WDW vacation, so can’t wait to read about your experience. Go Pats!

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We had a pretty great day at MK. We got to the bus stop at 8:00 am we’re picked right up. It did take a bit to get off the property since the bus went to every other stop. But no one else got on so we had the bus to ourselves! Arrived at MK at 8:30 and walked right in. We took some castle pics then headed to SDMT

Ride time was posted 50 minutes, we got on in about 28. Next we did Pooh, PP and IASM with no waits. Hubs wanted a cinnamon roll so we headed to Gastons

Headed over to Tomorrowland and rode SM and Buzz. Saw Stitch then went to LTT for lunch. I love that place but they have to roll me out after !!

We decided after lunch we would do a few more rides then go back to the resort. So we walked on HM, and then BTMm ( about 15 minutes). Splash was posted 50 mins and PoC 45 so we decided to cut and run after that. The bus back to the resort took FOREVER, so it cut into our swim time. I found the pool a bit chilly so I just sat and had a drink while DH and DD6 swam. Now we’re back in our room getting ready to go to Homecomin’ and I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to eat because I’m still full!! Cheers, more later!

PS. I couldn’t believe the crowd level today at MK. It was a ghost town until about noon. If I didn’t have the Hub and kid slowing me down I would have got a lot more done :rofl:


Not going to lie you lost me at trip report but then you posted pics. I like picture reports


Love the pictures and the report! Glad you and the family are having a great time. Planning on bringing my kids over spring break to CBR (since DLR doesn’t look like an option) so will be watching how logistics work out for you! How did your pre-arrival Instacart work out, did they refrigerate your perishables and was there a fee from guest services? Also hoping to keep our destination a secret from school although I know once we get back I can likely forget about that! After missing last years spring break trip, I was hoping this one would not be controversial!

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We are back from Dinner at Disney Springs. We got lucky with the buses both there and back which was great because DD is definitely tired.
We ate at Homecomin’ and I am SO FULL. I got the chicken biscuits which I have been dreaming about since August. Then we split the hummingbird cake.
Tomorrow is HS and I have a decent park plan figured out. I hope the crowd level is low!

I could only eat two. The poor third one looked so lonely on the plate but I just couldn’t do it!’