I Hoop Dee Do, do you? Travel question

I have reviewed the different ways to get to Hoop Dee Do Revue. We will have a car, and I know using a car to Ft. Wilderness and then taking the internal bus is fastest…but…is it worth extra time (since we have all the time in the world) to take the bus from SSR to Magic Kingdom, and then take the boat? I have been in the boat between Wilderness Lodge and MK at night, so I am not sure what kind of views it has.

Our ADR for the show is 4:30…so definitely would be light out getting there… possibly dark for the trip back.

Thoughts and opinions welcome.

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The one and only drawback to getting to HDDR is FW

I personally would take the boat. (so bus from SSR for you)

The alternative would be to pony up for the price of the Minnie Van and it will take you directly there.

How close of walk is it from the boat dock to Pioneer Hall?

And…if you don’t mind another question…how long would you think to expect to wait for a boat at MK to get to FW? One site said it could be 90 minute wait just for the boat…but at 4 in the afternoon, seems long.

Wicked close. IIRC you can see pioneer hall from the dock

Gosh at most times of day not more than 10 mins?
90 Minute wait? Was there weather? That’s absurd


Okay great! Thanks.

(Yeah…that 90 minute number seemed crazy high. Maybe this was leaving MK after the fireworks or something!)

90 minutes wait is a lie.

Dock is really close to Pioneer Hall. We watched fireworks at the dock waiting for HDDR to start when we went to the 8:30 show in November 2022. Fireworks were early that night, it was a non MVMCP night.

This past trip in November 2023, we went to the 6:15 show with friends and they did what you are suggesting on their way home - took the boat to MK to catch a bus to their hotel. Also a non-MVMCP night. They got to see fireworks from the boat, what a cool perk!

It’s probably similar to the walk from the monorail to the tap styles at MK. You walk the dock, then from the dock across the actual beach - on a walkway - thru some screening trees into a cul de sac area with a Trading Post on the left, a green area on the right that had a play ground and may still do, Crocketts Tavern, Trail’s End and then the Hoop De Do area of Pioneer Hall. It’s all flat. :blush:

The boats take about 20 minutes to make the trip from MK dock to FtW dock. In busy times there may be 3 boats running. I can’t imagine 90 minutes. I’ve taken that boat a lot over the years. I usually allow 30 to 40 min.

The fireworks views were better at FtW than WL but not as good as Poly. There has been music on the beach but then other times it didn’t seem to be loud enough. FtW dock is further away than Poly and there are trees.

I don’t find the interior bus to be that onerous. And you can park right near the Outpost bus stop. Stone’s throw. The bus will drop you off at the Pioneer bus stop which is a short walk to the HDD end of Pioneer Hall. Not quite as far as the walk in from the boat dock.

Boat ride could be chilly as the sun sets.

Coming from SSR it’s about a 2 minute drive to FtW. Slight exaggeration. Left on E Buena Vista to left on SR 535 and immediate left onto Vista Drive to FtW.

As much as I like the boat, from SSR and with a car, I’d drive and do the internal bus.

Nothing stopping you from riding the boat to MK and back after your HDD fun just for the evening quiet. It is noisy in there. Or even the Contemporary launch, if it were running.

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Good point!

Thanks for the in depth detail.

You’re welcome.

The boat basically loops to MK and back stopping at WL. I think officially they say 20 minutes but it’s usually less than that. If there’s thunder they could pause them so that’s where the 90 minutes oils come from. There is also a bus to FW from MK that drops you off practically eat to HDDR so that’s an option if there’s a storm. The boat is definitely the more fun option.

We too have always used a boat from the MK to HDDR and the former Trails End. The afternoon weather is the only issue we encountered. While it did not stop the boats we once hit hard rain storm while departing the MK. As mentioned HDDR is very close to the drop off dock.

Especially if you’re without a car and/or coming from any resort west of Epcot.

Highly unlikely in the afternoon, fog will stop the boats running also.

I know we can boat from MK to FW

How about from WL to FW? Do I need to boat to CR and switch? To MK and switch? Is there a direct boat from WL?

(And why don’t they reopen that walkway between the two :sob:) I know: construction.

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That’s a good question. I kind of assumed it is like the DS to POFQ and POR. Same boat stops at both locations.

I know there’s two boats with different routes from each of the resorts but I can’t remember where they go

I know how they used to go.

But after covid I don’t know. We were going to find out in December but wound up going to WL from FtW - and back - by vehicle on roads.

Yeah that’s where I’m at

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We did take the boat to WL from MK but I’ve no recollection if I noticed a separate FtW boat line. And it’s not the kind of thing my sister would remember two months later. If it’s spreadsheets and per centages and budget stuff she’ll recall for years.

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I believe there are three boat routes that pertain to WL and FW.

The red route connects MK to WL.
The green route connects MK to FW
The blue route connects WL - FW - CR. This just circulates among the three resorts, and does not connect to MK. This one did not resume after Covid until last fall, Oct. 1, 2023.

Much of this information comes from https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/guest-services/water-transportation/ .


I never think to check the WEW site for transportation info! Why? :woman_shrugging:t2:IDK lol

Thank you! Pretty sure we are going to Hoop in June while at CCV (WL) so the info will be helpful!

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