I gotta Go I gotta Go I Gotta GO!

While finishing up dinner my wife got a call from her mother and grandmother. They are going on a cruise in April when we were planning our visit. So we are now going to Florida in June to see them. I said WAIT DISNEY HAS ROOM DISCOUNTS THEN. I Found out a 4 night 3 park trip was in the cards. We will stay at ASMo with DDDP. So I got a move on it and booked all our ADR’s. June 26 to June 30. At 164/163 day out I got everything we wanted.

CM 2pm
Storybook Dining 7:30pm

1900 Park 8:20am
LTT 1:30pm
Ohana 8:05pm

GG 11:30am
Le Cellier 6:35pm

Sci Fi 11am
50’s 6:30pm

CG Brunch 12pm

Can anyone tell me how CG Brunch works is it a buffet or what? All I know is that if we don’t get the butter poached lobster @OBNurseNH might not talk to me again.

If anyone wants to do a linner’s meet on 6-26 or 6-30 let me know I would love to meet any and all.


Now I’m depressed.

I took a sick kind of solace in the fact that my number of days to our Disney trip wasn’t the longest on the board. But now…your more than 1700 days has dropped to less than a tenth of that?

Well. Okay. Fine. I’m happy for you. But I’m not happy about it! :wink:


Wow! That is some great planning!

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The brunch is both buffet and table service. So, you’ll enjoy whatever you’d like from the buffet (self serve) and then order your main entree (or entrees) from the server.

You will love it!

Well done and have fun!!


Looks great!

That looks like so much fun!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE CG Brunch - did I mention I love it :slight_smile: Best dining experience for me ever at WDW. As someone else mentioned, it is both TS and buffet. 2 years ago our server was incredible - he told my husband he could order 2 entrees (and He did!)

And congrats on getting everything else you wanted

I’m confused by the mixed reports about the CG brunch.

Some people are saying it’s really great.

But other people are saying that it’s amazing.

I’ve heard people who say they love it, but then @bethro23 love love loves it.

I’m really not sure if I should keep my reservation.


I know and I am going to be really mad at @bethro if you don’t LOVE LOVE LOVE it

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Your problem — and I say this with so much love — is that you’re sensible. You do weird stuff like only spending the amount of money you have. And saving up for things you want so that you can afford to pay for them.

My July trip will be my fourth in two years. This is because I’m wildly reckless and irresponsible.

You would do well to learn from me.


My biggest concern about the CG brunch — and this is a genuine worry — are the mimosas.

Now I like a mimosa as much as any homosexual (which is to say: I love them — we’re taught to do so at Gay School) but alcohol at lunchtime? Really? When you get to my age, lunchtime drinking is fatal. And I have a full schedule planned for after brunch.

If I don’t have the mimosas will the brunch be a complete bust?


Well, there was this one time, early in our marriage, where my wife and I were told by a dear friend that we needed to be more spontaneous. So, we took this to heart. We started planning nights to be spontaneous a week out. When the evening of spontaneity finally arrived, we’d generally spontaneously decide to do the same thing we usually did.

So, you see. We can be wildly reckless if we want to be!


The whole point of having children is so that you’ll have people to look after you when you’re old. You have very sensibly had dozens of children, so at least one of them is going to end up being rich and able to support you in your declining years.

Don’t be wasting money on planning for your children to inherit your riches. Spend it all. Spend it now. As we discussed yesterday, this is very much what God wants you to do. He gets very cross if you turn up at the Kingdom of Heaven with big buckets of cash.


Definitely not. And I hear ya on the alcohol at lunch. Last time we went, we were flying out that day so the mimosas were needed :slight_smile: but had I had plans for parks that day, it would not have worked.

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It’s going to be such a challenge for me. First, I genuinely love mimosas. Second, I have that unhelpful frame of mind where if something is free I want as much of it as possible to get the best value. Showing up to CG brunch and not drinking bucketfuls of mimosas would be like throwing dollar bills out of the window.

Yet, this is slated to be one of my prime UOR days. The crowds are predicted to be the lowest that day, and I’m planning on closing the park.

I envy @ryan1 — he won’t have these worries for almost two years. For me they’re clear and present.


me too, but I think they had “virgin” mimosas last time - with sparkling cider… maybe you could have 1 real one and then several “fake” ones. I really need to stop talking about how great the brunch is…actually it’s awful (if you are going end of October 2019)

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I’m not sure I should trust you as a spiritual advisor.

But as far the children are concerned, you’re right. I’ve informed my kids to plan on taking care of us in our old age because we provided them many wonderful Disney vacations when they were young. My oldest son is apparently taking this to heart, since he was married and graduated from college at 19, and is currently working on his master’s degree and working full time in computer security making significantly more than I did straight out of college, even after you adjust for inflation. He’ll be rich, for sure.

However, it is also true that the more children you have, the more expensive they are (collectively speaking…although, each additional child ends up being cheaper than the previous due to the use of hand-me-downs and the like). So, it isn’t like we have a load of money sitting around ready to retire on. So, we have to pace ourselves.

Wait. What was this thread about again? Oh. Right. Have fun, @joefishing209!


Someone actually once told me that you aren’t allowed to take it with you!!


On the contrary. I’m fully qualified.



Yes. Well, there is that whole nasty bit about BELIEVING. You know. Fortunately, I have a back-up spiritual advisor in the family. One of my brothers is a “Pastor of spiritual formation”. (He took more than 1 class on the subject, apparently, and even went to seminary!) I’ll just get a second opinion from him. Can never be too careful when we’re talking about one’s afterlife. I’m sure you understand.