I Found My Old Trip Report!

I last went to Disney in 2015, when my daughter was just 5. When I started planning for this years’ trip, I knew I had to use Touring Plans again. I unfortunately couldn’t figure out what my old username/password was, so I made a new one. I just did a quick search & I found my old touring plan:

WOW! I am not sure I am going to be able to top that vacation, as it was EPIC. Now my daughter is 13 and my touring plans look very similar to what I made in 2015 (haha). I really miss the FastPass system where you could pre-plan. Genie+ may just drive me insane with the unpredictability.

What I am taking from my prior TP trip:
I am going for 7 days again (this time at the beginning of December for Christmas!!!).
I am staying at POP again (having the tram this year may change things) & I will unplug the phone in my room at night (haha).
I am going to tour Magic Kingdom in “lands” again beginning at rope drop or early admission - then use Genie+ for evening rides (going to try for the suggested stacking method).
I am going to plan a sit down meal for brunch or lunch everyday (that precious foot rest).
I am going to take mid-day breaks again, from 1-4 at the minimum (I think the parks close earlier in Dec then they did in July).

So excited that TP kept this amazing memory for us! I only wish the photos would have stayed up — I still have the photos I cited in the trip report in my photo album. It may be fun to recreate some of these photos this year when we go!!!


What are your days? FYI there’s a liner meet in the works (maybe Sun Dec 3), if you’re interested.



We are flying in on 12/2 and flying out on 12/8. Sounds like I might be able to make the liner meet!!!