I cannot decide on HS FPs!

Every night when I lay my head on my pillow to sleep, I find something new in my Disney Plans to obsess about. I work it out in my head and once I do, I drift off to sleep. It’s lead me to change ADR times or restaurants completely, remove or add large chunks of rest time in my daily plans and made me realize I was Rope Dropping a few rides that WEREN’T EVEN OPEN at RD. Other than the lack of sleep, my night time ritual is really paying off :slight_smile:

Lately, I have been obsessing about which Fast Passes I will try for for each park once my 60 days out arrives. For the most part, I have chosen what I will aim for, but am open for changes. But I CANNOT figure out what to FP at Hollywood Studios. Here’s my delimma: I have 2 young boys (ages 4 and 7). Rockin Rollercoaster is out (I will single rider line that on my own while my husband and kids eat ice cream for the 114th time). I want to get 2 Fast Passes for ToT for me and DS7 (not even sure he’ll ride, but I’m going to try!) My husband and DS4 won’t ride it, so should I get them FP to something different at the same time?? If so, what?? I’m hoping to get my first 3 FP’s early in the day so I can refresh & modify the heck out of some same day FP’s. We want to see Frozen Sing along, Beauty and the Beast and Disney Jr. Party- should we use our 3rd FP for one of those? This is my first time so I dont quite understand using a FP for a show but am happy to do it if it helps. My goal is to FP the things that have the longest waits or are harder to get same-day FP for, keeping in mind my kids won’t ride the “big” rollercoasters.

PS: Feel free to pick other parks apart too, I’ll consider your opinions while I’m trying to sleep tonight:

Current Selections:

Test Track
Spaceship Earth
Nemo (open to a better 3rd selection )

MK day 1:
Splash Mt
Big Thunder Mt RR
Pirates of Carr

FOP (fingers crossed)
Kilo Safari

MK day 2: (we are getting in line for 7DMT after an early breakfast at BOG, so no FP)
Peter Pan
Buzz Lightyear
Tomorrowland Speedway

Hollywood Studios:
Toystory Mania!
Tower of Terror (for me and my 7 year old. What about my husband and 4 year old?)

If I get FP for Tower of Terror for all 4 of us, is there time to switch out bands and my son and I ride it twice using my husband and other son’s bands?

Star Tours is a good option for a FP at HS as well. My DS’s rode it at 4 and 8 and loved it. And yes, you could switch bands if you use your FP at the beginning of your FP hour.

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Can you do a swap?

I don’t mean rider swap. I mean get other kids. Rollercoasters are awesome. You need kids who get this.

Maybe you’ve failed as a parent in not teaching them this. Maybe it’s time to get tough. “You will ride Slinky Dog Dash — and that’s the end of it!”

Tough love. They’ll thank you for it later.


Ha! My DH would have suggested this as well. He finally agreed to a first Disney trip (besides the day visits when we lived in Tampa when the kids were infants/toddlers) at ages 5 and 7 and set down the rules:
No stroller
No naps
No whining
Must ride everything, no complaining about rides.
Seriously, he would not agree to go until these criteria were met. He’s not a mean dad, just felt like it wasn’t worth going there on vacation if the kids weren’t going to ride everything. So we went to Disneyland, kids rode everything except 1 ride…California Screaming because it was down everytime we tried. Oh and DS5 was just a bit too short. Everything else though, they did great. DS5 did not want to ride TOT, but we told him he could have whatever treat he wanted if he rode it and said afterward he liked it. So we rode it, he did fine and said he liked it, and after he got a giant ice cream so all was good. That trip was the start of my Disney parks obsession.

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Can you switch your AK day to later in the trip? … it will increase your chances of getting FOP. 60+2 might be tough. When I went in November, there were no morning FP until 60+4 (there were some evening slots at 60+2 and afternoons at 60+3).

Hmm. Kilo Safari sounds vaguely sketchy- more Miami Vice than WDW.
For sure, you don’t want to take the kids on that ride. :rofl:


@profmatt Ha!! You’re funny. I dont consider Slinky Dog a “Big” rollercoaster. We’re going to rope drop that one. I should have mentioned that. “Big” was meant for RnR, Everest, Space Mountain (although I may try to het my 7 yr old on SM). I agree! Big coasters are important in life and plan to use tough love as they get older! :wink:

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Thank you for appreciating my abbreviations :rofl::rofl: I really dont like all of the initials used (but totally understand why they’re used and try to use them when I can) so Ive made my own.

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I’m not sure when you will be there, but I know that Tomorrowland Speedway is closed until May 2019. Personally, I’m glad because I’m sure my kids would want to do it when we’re there in March and I’ve never been a fan (as an adult…as a kid, of course I was)…

@eredmister Omg Yes!! I saw it was going to be closed and I was secretly glad bc I am not a fan (havent ridden it since my high school days in the late 90s but I remember not liking it ). We will be there at the very end of May, beginning of June so I believe it will be open. Womp womp. I know my boys will love it so I chose it as a fast pass so at least we can get it done quick. Only thing worse than riding a ride you don’t want to ride is waiting in line for a ride you don’t want to ride

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I had a similar problem figuring out FPs for HS. We’re a group of 8, with only my 8 year old and I who want to do thrill rides. Basically I ended up getting FPs for things I know we don’t really need FPs for.

We’re doing EMM at Toy Story Land, so I ended up FPing Beauty and the Beast for all of us, then got a FP for myself and DD8 for TOT, the others at Little Mermaid, DD8 and I at RNR, and the others at the Disney Dance Party. We’re also hoping to do the 1:30 Frozen show without FP (unless I can pick it up as a 4th).

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I’m taking my younger son next September. He’ll be about 5 weeks shy of his 7th birthday, and my guess is he’ll be just shy of 48". We’ve gone through all the rides and he is waffling on a few, like ToT. I’ve told him that if he isn’t going to ride everything that he can at least once, then we aren’t going. He rode Test Track when he was almost 4 and liked it, and he loved 7DMT and Barnstormer. We’ve watched ride videos, but I think the name of ToT scares him, and I am worried about Space Mountain in the dark. I’m hoping the additional 6 months will help him a little. And maybe a boost in growing and I can talk him into RnR.

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Agree 100%! Especially waiting in that line, sucking fumes!

What is everyone’s opinion on using FP for shows at HS? I’m considering doing this for lack of a better use of FP. Which show, in your opinion, has an advantage for using a FP?

I don’t think FPs are required for any shows. I’ve never seen BATB, but my understanding is that it’s a pretty big theatre so I don’t think we really need a FP, but I really didn’t have anything else to use it on. We’re only doing a half day at HS, so I did want to make sure we got into the 11:00 show, but again, probably not necessary.

We did use a FP for the Frozen show in 2017, but I don’t think it gave us any real advantage. We were near the front, but pretty far off to the side so not the best seats or anything.

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I currently plan to RD SDD and FP Toy Story Mania. Anybody think I should switch that? Is Toy Story Mania easier to RD?

I realize the obvious answer for most is YES! SWITCH! But, my reasoning for using a FP for Toy Story Mania is because I know both of my boys will love it. My 4 yr old may or may not ride SDD. But, if Toy Story Mania is easier to RD, it might be worth the switch so atleast some of my group can FP SDD.

It’s marginally more hassle, but can you book husband and son2 for 20 minutes later than you and son1? That’s what we did for things like FoP and Splash where we knew the ride is a significant portion of the window and it gave us a little more freedom to not show up exactly at the beginning of the window.

But if you must book all 4 at the same time, you can definitely get in two rides. Remember that you just have to tap in the second set before the window expires AND there’s a 10 minutes grace period, so I would say as long as you were tapping in the first set in the first half of the window, you’d be totally fine.

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TSM is WAY easier to RD. We were there on an EMH morning in December and got to TSL at about 8:15 (we arrived about 5 minutes after RD). SDD was 90 minutes, TSM was listed as 20, but we literally did not stop walking through the queue until we were in the ride vehicle.

And if the 4 y.o. doesn’t want to ride SDD, then you get extra rides for everyone else via Rider Switch!

Yes! Ok, that settled it. Ill go for SDD and RD TSM! Thanks!

It was before Toy Story Land opened, but we were able to RD TSM and ride it twice back in 2017. I would imagine it would be much easier to RD now that SDD is open. I also found that we didn’t really need our FP for any of the other HS rides (other than Tower of Terror). Again, though, that may just have been luck and the fact that we rope dropped.