I am ready, yes I’m ready…Let this trip happen!

I wanted to start a post as I physically and mentally prepare for the trip that’s been over two years in the making. Mostly for me because it’s a surprise for the kids so can’t talk much at home.

I’m not super great at using the forum so we’ll see if this turns out.

I’ve been reflecting back to November 2019. We talked about a birthday trip me for me in December since I was turning 35. Then we decided to push it to Aug 2020 for our anniversary. Of course covid happened so trip got cancelled, and then I had some suspicious health issues that no doctor would see me for (thanks lock downs). Finally, on Aug 14th 2020 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Our anniversary was on Aug 15th. DH surprised me with all things Disney that morning, even music from the parks. We ignored my diagnosis for just one day before letting reality hit and telling the family the next day.

Pic of me and my hair before it all…changed.

For every pet scan I endured out of town, I visited the Disney store that was conveniently in that same town. It almost made me look forward to the day long trips for the scans. And of course I soaked up all the time with my kids that I could.

Disaster struck again in Dec 2020 when my port got infected. I was hospitalized and needed emergency surgery. I really leaned on the liner community for some uplifting of spirits. DH took care of the kids, I felt so bad for him. It was at this point in the hospital I started my planning for a real trip. Started researching deluxe hotels, something to treat the family after all we’d been going through.


Came home in time for Christmas (also my birthday) and I don’t think I’d ever been so happy to be home.


In Feb 2021 I had my last chemo treatment and of course I wore a Disney shirt. I was done in time for valentines and my son’s birthday.

Next few months I was exhausted. Took up diamond painting and LEGO (all Disney of course). I wore a wig to help try to feel more normal, willing my body to heal.

Slowly but surely the hair grew back, and I found more energy. Tried to make as many memorable experiences for the kids, but Disney kept nagging at the back of my mind. In March 2022 we took the kids to Disney on Ice, and that got the kids taking about when we can go to actual Disney. And so, without telling them, I booked the flights.

We are set to fly out Aug 13th. Of course on my daughter’s 12th birthday I got covid. Panic and sadness ensued, please let this trip happen! As of today I’m negative and feeling healthy, but tired. I may have to scale back my pretty intense plans, but I don’t care. Just getting there and being in that castle and having a Mickey breakfast will be enough for me.

The kids still don’t know about it, I will tell them the morning of. Given all the bad luck that’s been following me I just couldn’t get their hopes up in case something happened. This is my son’s first trip. He has gotten over his fear of characters. He still has some ride anxiety so I’m planning to start slow in each park, going against all my instincts to “rope drop” the tamest rides and build up from there.

If you made it this far, congrats :relaxed: This is really helping me get excited for the trip and feel like this one will actually happen. Stay tuned for pics as I pack the Disney themed outfits and make my son some ears. The lack of options for ears without bows is really a crime!

Let the adventure begin….please I hope!!!


What a story! I absolutely cannot wait to follow along. I bet the kids absolutely lose their minds when you tell them. How do you plan on doing it?


Good gravy! You have been through it! I am so excited for you that you are both well and ready to travel. And I can’t wait to watch it unfold!


Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to following along - sending you all the good vibes!

That Madame Leota shirt in the first post is great, I’m going to have to look for that one for my girls. :slight_smile:


Will start with a wake up call at 4am. Get my son first and take him to daughter’s room. Tell them I have a special secret to tell them. I have some Disney pop-its I picked up. Maybe give it to them and say, guess where we’re going today? Nothing too elaborate because then we’ll leave right away. Don’t want to tell them the night before because then no one will get any sleep!


The madame leota shirt was from hot topic!


Smart! Also, I am excited to follow along with your trip. You deserve an amazing trip with your family. :sparkles:


I’m looking forward to following along! I hope you have the best trip!


What an amazing story. I’m so happy you’re making this trip happen!


I have that same Sorcerer Mickey shirt. It has been a battle for you to get this trip but you’re almost there! And it will be magical!!


I’m sorry. Am I supposed to be able to read through my tears?


I’m so happy that you are finally getting to make your trip after everything you’ve been through the past few years! Where are you staying?


Wow - you’ve been put through the wringer, and your family has, too! I’ll be eagerly following along, sending you nothing but good wishes.

What are the ages of your children?

I like your idea of starting with tamer rides. Remember, POTC has a small drop in the dark, and that can be scary. There may be other attractions with things to take into account. I’ve included links to some TP blogs about this, but they’re from fall 2020 to fall 2021. Good luck! You’ll do great.


Good grief. You deserve an awesome, drama free trip.


I’m a nursing student and it’s people like you who inspire me to help others! Wishing you an excellent, safe, and above all healthy trip!


I’m so glad you are able to take this trip. Have the best time ever!


@mkmuzzy yeah all the big rides are out for him. My daughter loves the thrills but at least next to each big ride is typically a tame ride for him. Honestly even under the sea, the part where it descends and we see Ursula, might be too scary. He will likely be thrilled with tea cups and all the gentle spinning rides. It’s really too bad enchanted tales is still closed, he would have loved that.

I’m hoping to get him on 7DMT, I think he’d love it if he gives it a chance. But he’s also very stubborn, and it may be hours later when he changes his mind. Part of the reason I got park hoppers and splurged on a hotel close to magic kingdom, so we can try to be flexible!


@evanb08 thank you for what you do. When I had to go in for the emergency port removal, a surgery where I had to be wide awake, I was so scared and crying because I was in so much pain and alone in the hospital. It was the first time I truly lost my grip on being strong.

An oncology nursing student who saw me when shadowing on rounds got permission to go in with me, and she held me hand through the entire procedure. She went with me everywhere, post op and ultra sound. She then parked her charting cart in my room so I wouldn’t be alone after. She went above and beyond for a total stranger, I can’t even express how grateful I am for nurses.


My youngest daughter is still a bit scared on quite a few rides. She rode Pirates for the first time in February and I thought it would be ok but she didn’t like the dark or the pirates but boy did she love Magic Carpets! Wow that ride was a hit for her. She would have stayed on that all day LOL.