I think I like this! I figured all of the headliners would be virtual and you might get to ride each one once during a day. I could go for all rides on standby. Brings back into play, having a good touring plan. I am wondering what @len things about this. The source is a CM.

I’m moderately surprised about not having VQs. But it’s going to make a touring plan even more important.

I’m going to start testing these on July 11.


Before I go into full rant mode, has this been vetted by any other source?


“Shockingly, this includes the Rise of the Resistance attraction.” :thinking:



I’m very curious to see how that works out! Maybe it will self regulate with the capped attendance. :man_shrugging: I’m sure the line will be no shorter than an hour though.


But I really wanted to wake up to BG stats instead of hospitalizations!!! :sob:


I can make some up! :wink:


My hero!

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People seem to be accepting the CM’s verification on this, everyone carrying the story is using the same source.

I don’t see any reason to doubt it for park opening. But when numbers ramp up they could introduce them to deal with the longer lines. Just as they could reintroduce FPs too, even whilst still using park reservations.

I think at one point the WDW page may have mentioned virtual queues but I could be wrong. It’s certainly not there now.


Today’s acceptable form of “journalism”, ladies and gentlemen. :man_facepalming:

I certainly do. Because it’s a total detract of all their efforts to space everyone out thus far.

Only DVC resorts open, no ticket sales, no international travel, no new reservations until 2021. They already have massive queue lines built. Doesn’t sound like VQ will be needed for a several months.

I disagree. It’s fastpass that won’t be needed. VQs on the other hand, very much needed.

Even without crowds so far, they removed Turtle Talk and FotLK, which both can be easily spaced out (wildly so in FotLK’s case) and it was reminded to me that while that’s true, entering and exiting the theaters: not so much.

So why, after all that effort put in to keep people distanced, they suddenly decide queues are the one place where’s it ok to cram people together?

Sorry. I"m not following how NOT DOING a VQ crams people closer together. Shanghai seems to be doing well, with distancing in the existing queue lines. At “very low capacity”… there’s only 2 or 3 attractions at each park that will need distancing managed in the queue.

Sorry, i goofed in the typing. I meant “standard queues”.

And Shanghai IS doing VQs.

Following what has been happening at Universal, the Virtual Queues really haven’t been needed at all, even with the proper spacing in the queues.

My concern will still be rides like ROTR. I presume they will set up additional temporary queue space outside the main queue to handle any overflow? I am definitely curious to see what happens on, say, July 19.

The VQ system is there if and when they need them.

I think they’ve decided that, with the numbers of guests permitted in each park at the start, they are not needed right away.


LOL, I plan to be there (at HS) on July 19th.

But VQs are still needed there, though. Full stop. “Doesn’t really need” and “only used sometimes” is completely different to “we don’t have.” And why present it as “we won’t be using” instead of saying it’ll be used only if deemed necessary? Leaving them a simple “out” should things need to be regulated.

This having people to get into a line, where social distancing is going to be up to various interpretations of people, is a total defeat of all the extreme efforts made up until now to keep people spaced out.

10-15 minute queues are still 10-15 minutes of close contact. And you’re right, rides like RotR, where it will most undoubtedly go beyond that is even worse. And the queues like Rise and 7DMT are the absolute worst here because you are in close contact no matter what, despite “social distancing” because the lanes fold in on top of each other and there’s no way around it (especially as you near the end).

And just so there’s no confusion, any ire derived from me here is targeted at no one but Disney. This is a really REALLY stupid move on their part if this is true as it is being presented.

I thought I remembered seeing at Uni that they set the queue up to skip every other switchback, keeping people from being next to each other.